Friday, March 03, 2017

Books, Life, & Everything Else (6)

1. | It is hard to believe that it is March all ready. I am always happy to get through February and March because they are usually the worst months of the winter. I am not sure what is going on with our winter this year, though. We did have like 2 weeks of bad weather in February, but overall it has been a pretty mild one. It is not over yet, though.

2. | I have given up on trying to read and just have resorted to audiobooks. I am finding I have a hard time sitting still lately, which is why I am not really reading, but it means that audiobooks work. I am having a record listening streak. I finished audiobooks on February 24th, 25th, 27th, and March 1st. I am almost done another one. This is very unlike me! The best part is they were all really good, both the books and the audio narrations.

3. | I was trying to think of a Chloe story. She hasn't fallen in the toilet, but she does love the bathroom sink. You can turn the water on to wash your hands and she will just lay there. So, then she is all wet and drinks the water out of the sink after you are done. She's a strange cat.

4. | I put all my pictures from February from my phone to my computer the other day and I honestly did not take very many pictures. That is what happens in the winter. The landscape is brown and dreary and I get bored of taking only pictures of the cats and the dog. But, at the same time, I enjoy seeing old pictures of Casey on my time hop and am glad I take too many pictures of my animals. lol

5. | I wish puzzles were not so expensive. I am having a really hard time with second hand ones having all of their pieces. But, at the same time, Chloe helps with that so I wouldn't want to pay a lot of money for a puzzle only for her to walk off with the pieces. I bought the below puzzle at Value Village because I thought it was so cute and missing piece. Disappointing.

6. | I added all of my audiobooks to my Libib during my spare time the last couple days. It was a good project because I have audiobooks that I entirely forgot I had. I also have way more audiobooks that I thought. I didn't count to see how many were unread, but probably a lot. The daunting thing is the same as my physical shelves, so many series. (The fact that there was just a first book in a series sale didn't help...)

7. | My brother-in-law doesn't think Mackie spends enough time outside. I want him to live in my house for a week and experience his annoying new habit of barking to say he wants to come in. He hardly used to bark at all and I am so annoyed about it. He is barking to come in as I write this and I am attempting to ignore him so now he has moved to crying. Anyone want a dog? lol


  1. Hey, not being able to sit still and listening to audio books is a good thing. I lay around way too much. I should listen to audio books more while getting off my butt. Sorry about Mackie barking. So frustrating.

  2. I don't think you can ever take too many photos of pets!

  3. Oh, Tallulah has taken to barking now if we are not fast enough to suit her for letting her back inside the house. The problem is that she also barks at pretty much any animal that moves in our backyard or the woods that border our property. So, she is barking almost constantly. Easier to keep her inside except for potty breaks just to give the ears a rest.

  4. Did you know that you can send a message to the puzzle maker (even for out of print ones) and let them know you're missing a piece and they'll send you a new one? My sister does it all the time.

  5. I do love audiobooks, especially ones I can listen to while doing paperwork at work!


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