Sunday, January 12, 2020

Week in Review (2)


2020 is already off to a start. It is hard to believe it is the 12th already. It feels like it was just Christmas preparation time and now all that is in the past for another year. It's already been an eventful year and it is just starting. My honorary grandmother, as I always called her, passed away in her 90's. I spent so much time at her house as a child and enjoyed visiting her as an adult. She was a war bride during WWII. She never drove and outlived her husband by many years, but she always was self-sufficient. She will be missed. She used to make dolls and we used to play with them when we visited. I asked her son if I could have my favourite. I will know when my mother goes to visit next if that happens. There was a snowstorm the day of the funeral, so she was not able to attend.

Then, on Friday, we learned of the passing of drummer Neil Peart. Lorrie is a big fan of him and listened to him for years. He was really sad to know that his favourite band had come to an official end. I have read and blogged about Peart's books over the years. In true me fashion, I have 3 books by him that I haven't read. So, it seemed fitting to pick one up on Friday and start it. It is not like I don't have too many books on the go, what's one more. He writes so well and I had been waiting for a new book by him, but now I know what that didn't happen. Maybe he never planned to write another one. I had just hoped for one.

And, just like last weekend when I wrote my post, we are having a storm. Sunday is apparently storm day this year...


Amazon (my train stations are where I bought books from): The Starlight Watchmaker by Lauren James
Go (I decided if I land on Go, I can buy a book and then read the most recent book I purchased):
I still had Amazon gift cards, so I got:

Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri
Stars Uncharted by S.K. Dunstall
Lazarus:Volume 6 by Greg Rucka, etc
Blackbird Volume 1 by Sam Humphries, etc
Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend
Skyward Volume 1: My Low-G Life by Joe Henderson

I am still working on reading books to offset the purchases because I have too many books on the go to start anything.

Currently Reading


Weekly Reading

Lazarus Volumes 1, 2, & 3 by Greg Rucka, etc.

I was caught up in what I currently owned in Giant Days, so my next project was to catch up in the Lazarus series because after 2 years, they are releasing Volume 6. I thought the series was over, so I am excited to see what happens next. I reread the first three volumes this week and it was just as good as the first time. The series follows Forever, who is a Lazarus and the Family Protector. She is genetically engineered to fill that roll. There is a lot of action in this series, but there is also a lot to think about, too. Forever coming to terms with who she is, the world that they are living in, etc. It is a compelling read about a not so distant possible future. I recommend this series and look forward to my rereads and reading the new book!

A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess

I read this book for the #Bookopoly roll, Young Adult Fantasy. I had sort of seen this book around and I loved the cover. I honestly had no idea what the book was about. I am really weird and barely ever read synopsis of books. This book follows Henrietta Howel, an orphan, who starts this book teaching at a child's home of sorts. She has the magical ability of being able use fire and it brings her to the attention of a Sorcerer. This changes her life forever. The first book in a trilogy, I am looking forward to where the series go next. Lorrie got me book 2 for Christmas and I got book 3 in a Boxing Day sale. I definitely recommend this book! Glad I read it!

The Starlight Watchmaker by Lauren James

I discovered Lauren James in 2019 through Booktube. I read The Loneliest Girl in the Universe on audio and really liked it. It's a science-fiction novel about a young girl that is alone on a spaceship. It's a quiet novel, but James handled the story really well. She is a UK author, though, and hard to find in Canada. So, I bought myself all of her books for Christmas... The Starlight Watchmaker arrived and I wanted to read it right away. Check out that cover! But, I wanted to wait until I got a Bookopoly roll that applied. I was thinking science fiction, but when I rolled Amazon earlier this week, I immediately picked this book up. It's actually a novella, but it is so well written. It is about an android watchmaker, Hugo, who works at a university filled with many different alien races. One day, Dorian comes to him to get his watch fixed and that leads to unexpected adventures. It's a short book, but it is an important book. I seem to be finding books lately set in the future, but could easily be themes that apply to the world today. Lauren James is quickly becoming a favourite author and I cannot wait to read something else by her!

LaGuardia by Nnedi Okorafor

After Christmas, Bookoutlet had their Boxing day sale. I went through my wish list and bought all the books that they had that were on it while I had the chance. (They all arrived this week...) This is a book I had heard of, but I forgot it was a graphic novel. I had no idea what it was about. But, I had read Binti by her and I was curious what else she had out there. This another science fiction novel that is really themes that can easily apply to the world today. It deals with racism, discrimination, etc. In the books case, it is about the world not wanting aliens to be allowed to colonize. One of the characters in the graphic novel is a plant species named Letme Live. The main character, though, is Future. She is an Nigerian-American doctor who starts the book returning to NYC. Through the course of the book, we learn why she has returned home, but we also learn more about the world she is living in. I am very glad I got this and read it. Recommended!

Giant Days: Early Registration by John Allison

Then, I returned to Giant Days because the last 3 books I need to read in the series arrived. Then, I am all caught up until February when book 12 is released. Early Registration is a prequel novel that covers things brought up in the main series and gives their background. It was fun to get the back stories of events from the series. I am not sure if I would read this book first, though. But, maybe it would be fine. I feel like it is more a book for the fans to explain what they have been missing. In any case, this series is a lot of fun and I am glad I am making it a part of my 2020. Recommended!

Blackbird Volume 1 by Sam Humphries, etc

My last read of the week was this graphic novel. I should have done a bit more research, though. I really liked it and I can't seem to find anything about Volume 2. So, maybe there is not going to be a Volume 2. That makes me sad because the art in this book was phenomenal and the story really captured my attention. It definitely left you wanting more. I want more. The story of Nina who knows there is more to the world than she sees and dreams of being part of it, she finally does get the chance to be part of that world, and more occurs than she can ever imagine. Definitely a page turner and a set up for a really fascinating world. I hope they can get a Volume 2 on the table. Recommended!

New Additions

Boxing Day Bookoutlet Sale:

Sea Witch by Sarah Henning
Honor Bound (Honors, Book 2) by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre
Something Strange and Deadly, A Darkness Strange and Lovely, and Strange and Ever After (Something Strange and Deadly Trilogy, Books 1 to 3) by Susan Dennard
Queens of Fennbirn (Three Dark Crowns, Book 0.5) by Kendare Blake
The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven
A Little Princess (Puffin in Bloom Edition) by France Hodgson Burnett
A Sorrow Fierce and Falling (Kingdom on Fire Trilogy, Book 3) by Jessica Cluess
Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey
Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman
The Cold is in her Bones by Peternelle van Arsdale
Us Against You by Fredrik Backman
Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto
Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott
The Dire King: A Jackaby Novel by William Ritter
Ruined: Book 1 by Amy Tintera
The Queen's Rising by Rebecca Ross
Today will be Different by Maria Semple
Girls on the Verge by Sharon Biggs Waller
A Memory Called Empire (Teixcalaan, Book 1) by Arkady Martine
LaGuardia by Nnedi Okorafor, etc (Read)
Kingdom of the Blazing Pheonix by Julie C. Dao
Girls with Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young
Watch Us Rise by Renee Watson and Ellen Hagan

Amazon Purchases:

Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri (gift card)
Blackbird Volume 1 by Sam Humphries, etc. (gift card)
Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend (gift card)
Skyward Volume 1: My Low-G Life by Joe Henderson (gift card)
Giant Days: Early Registration by John Allison (gift card)
Giant Days Volume 11 by John Allison (gift card)
Giant Days: Extra Credit by John Allison (gift card)
The Quiet at the End of the World by Lauren James (Christmas)
The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Boxset (Christmas)

The last thing I did for Christmas was get the Penguin Sisterhood Collection. I received 3 in December, but the last 3 arrived this week. They are:

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Weekly Posts:


  1. I am sorry for your loss. I hope your honorary grandmother's son will grant your wish and give you your favorite doll. I know how much those memories must mean to you. My husband was a Neil Peart fan as well, and was sad to hear of his passing.

    I hope you are enjoying your books. How are you finding Bitter Greens? I have been wanting to read that one for some time now. I may have A Shadow Bright and Burning on my TBR pile--if not, it is definitely on my wish list. I am glad you enjoyed it!

    I hope you have a great week. Happy Reading!

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Like Literary Feline said, I hope you get your favorite doll. That would be such a nice keepsake.
    Stay warm and hope you have a good week ahead!

  3. Oh no. So sorry to read that you have lost another person so soon.

    How are you finding Bitter Greens?

  4. I’m sorry for your recent losses.

    Bitter Greens is excellent, I hope you are enjoying it

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss, friend. We had a death in the family this week, and it's just really, really sad and hard.

    I have LaGuardia and a new Giant Days volume checked out from the library right now and am VERY much looking forward to reading them. Giant Days is such a comfort read every time I go back to it. And the Lauren James book also looks wonderful (that cover!!) -- I'm pretty sure you're the reason I added The Loneliest Girl in the Universe to my list, so I'll need to get to it soon.


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