Sunday, January 15, 2006

Wicked - Gregory Maguire (January/06)

I am so sad about my reaction to this book. It is supposed to be such a good book, and I did not like it at all! It just did not attact me to it. If anything, I found it really boring. There was not a lot of action in it. Yes, it was interesting to see how the characters we know from The Wizard of Oz developed, but other than that I find it a terrible book. I am trying to find something good to say about it, and I suppose he writes good descriptions, the book just seemed to be all about description. I have read other Maguire books and enjoyed them, just for some reason I could not get into this one. It's a sad thing to happen, but just goes to show you the greatest books in the world can be the worst to some people. I just thought I would say a bit, it is hard for me to write a review on a bad book short of saying that I found that nothing was happening, I was forever bored and one page seemed to take a year to read. I tried and tried to get into it, hoping that each new chapter would bring something to get me interested, and it did not. I hate starting out the new year with two lousy books. I am usually good at picking books I will like.



  1. I know that you are not the only person to have this kind of reaction to this book!! It is the reason why the book is still on my TBR pile.

  2. I'm glad. I just simply hated it. I tried to be nice and write something hopeful about it, but I will never touch it again.


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