Monday, March 23, 2015

Week in Review (12)

Random Thoughts

I joined Marvel Unlimited... Scribd wasn't enough... I needed another toy! I have read what works out to 7 trades so far, so I am excited! I am all about the comics this year. I just have accepted that is how my year is going. I am not complaining. I have read so much good stuff this year.

Graphic Novel Year

Fall of Cthulhu
The All-New X-Men Issues 1-32
The Amazing Spider-Girl Volume 1
Monster on the Hill
Day Men Volume 1
She-Hulk Issues 1-8


I really need to get back on track with audio books...

Currently Reading

I have been dipping into some short story and essay collections, but actually haven't had much time to read the last couple days.

Weekly Reading

Volumes 1-6 - This is by the same author as Hexed. I really liked Hexed so went looking for some more by this author and find the e-book of this for a decent price. Not my typical way to read comic books that I buy, but sometimes money is the deciding factor!

Issues 1-32 - This was my first foray into Marvel Unlimited and I really liked it! I have always been curious about X-Men comics and now I am getting a chance to read them!

Volume 1 - I read some issues of this on Marvel Unlimited. It was okay, but I haven't finished what they have on there yet. I am drawn to comics about women, so this was mostly just a whim. I will likely read more soon!

Just a fun comic that I read on Scribd. It has monsters and adventures in it. Worth checking out!

Volume 1 - Another comic by the author of Hexed. This time we are in the land of vampires. It was an interesting take on them and I am looking forward to more in this series!

Issues 1-8 - I have heard a lot of good things about this series, so I felt the need to give a try. Another 'drawn to women in comics' scenario. This was really good! I can't wait until Marvel Unlimited adds more in the series.

Weekly Posts

Once Upon a Time IX - Pool of Possibilities 

New Additions

Hawkeye - Volume 2: Little Hits
Hawkeye - Volume 3: L.A. Woman

Friday, March 20, 2015

Because It's All About the Books...


Is that all ready a parody?

I tend to have obsessive moments... When I first re-joined the library in 2009 I read tonnes from the library and that lead to my best reading year ever. It was also the year my obsession with graphic novels started because I read Fables in 2009.

Fast forward to 2015... I hardly read in 2013 or 2014. But, 2015 I added some new 'toys' and it is sort of like 2009 all over again.

Firstly, I joined Scribd. Since joining my reading has increased insanely and I have read so much awesome stuff! (*cough* Counting single issues, 56 things apparently!*cough*)
I started with Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu. I loved this book! And, I just keep on finding awesome things on there!

If you want some suggestions, I recommend:
March: Book 1 by John Robert Lewis (Graphic Novel)
The Mystery Society by Steve Niles (Graphic Novel)
Anthem by Ayn Rand (Novella)
The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire (Graphic Novel)
The Woods by James Tynion IV (Graphic Novel)
Bizenghast by M. Alice LeGrow (Manga)
Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson (Graphic Novel)
Wild's End by Dan Abnett (Graphic Novel)
The Fabled Kingdom by Queenie Chan (Manga)
Hexed by Michael Alan Nelson (Graphic Novel)
Day Men by Michael Alan Nelson (Graphic Novel)
Monster on the Hill by Rob Harrell (Graphic Novel)

It is only March and I all ready know I am going to have a very hard time picking my favourite reads of the year...

Then, I finally decided to get Marvel Unlimited. I am just starting with a month and then will decide from there, but I am all ready having so much fun with it...

So far I have read:
All-New X-Men - There are 32 issues on there which works out to Volumes 1-5 if you were reading them in trade. I haven't really read much from X-Men before; but I have always wanted to! This was a fun start. It includes time travel, space adventures, and kick-ass action. There are crossovers with The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. As a result of the time travel the characters we spend the most time with are teenagers, but it doesn't seem like a real problem. I am looking forward to more in this series and more from X-Men in general!

The Amazing Spider-Girl - This was just a whim because I like comics with girls or women in them. I read what works out to be about the first Volume of the series. It is not my favourite, but I do plan to read all that Marvel has in the series and see how things play out for the daughter of Spider-Man. 

She-Hulk - I have been hearing the buzz about this one, so I had to give it a read! There are 8 issues on Marvel Unlimited, which works out to be the first Volume in trade and part of the next one. I really liked this one! Jennifer Walters is the She-Hulk and I thought she was written really well. I understand this series has ended, so I will be sad to see it conclude on Marvel Unlimited.

2015 is shaping up to be an awesome reading year!

Once Upon a Time IX - Pool of Possibilities

It is a bit of a tradition to post a pool of books I am thinking about reading for the Once Upon a Time Challenge hosted at Stainless Steel Droppings... With the way my reading is going recently, I am not sure if I will follow it, but list making is fun!

1. The Very Best of Kate Elliott
2. First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen
3. Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman
4. Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs
5. Black Thorn, White Rose Edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling
6. The Devil's Diadem by Sara Douglass
7. Instead of Three Wishes by Megan Whalen Turner
8. Fire & Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones
9. Black Swan, White Raven Edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling
10. Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears Edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling
11. Silver Birch, Blood Moon Edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling
12. Black Ivory, Ivory Bones Edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling
13. Poison Study by Maria Snyder
14. The Little Country by Charles de Lint
15. The Broken Lands by Kate Milford
16. Princess Academy: Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale

... And probably a whole score of books not on this list...

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Once Upon a Time IX

Hard to belief this is the 9th Once Upon A Time hosted by Stainless Steel Droppings. In my own way I have never missed one yet! I just fluctuate on how much I read. I am hoping this year will be a good year after the ridiculous amount of snow we got yesterday and the fact that spring seems very far off at this point!

Read at least 5 books that fit somewhere within the Once Upon a Time categories. They might all be fantasy, or folklore, or fairy tales, or mythology…or your five books might be a combination from the four genres.
I almost always do Quest the First. It is fun to see what I can find on my shelves that fits this category!


This quest involves the reading of one or more short stories that fit within at least one of the four genres during the course of any weekend, or weekends, during the challenge. Ideally you would post about your short story readings on Sundays or Mondays, but this is not strictly necessary.
I am the worst short story reader ever, but it just works out that Carl and I are reading The Very Best of Kate Elliott so at least that will be something for this category!


**I posted a list of possibilities in a separate post.** 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

This, That, and The Other Thing

So... We have a lot of snow. I am not even sure if this picture does it justice. My province considered declaring a state of emergency. I am not sure if we are there yet. Yes, there is a lot of snow, but amazingly the power didn't go out. Considering that we live in a province with very old grid-lines that usually go out, I am impressed with how few power outages there have been this winter. I have seen less snow and more power outages frankly. We just have a lot of snow... The best part about this province is that way back in history the settlers decided to build these dykes and live on flood plains. This means that when all this snow melts there is going to be flooding. It won't effect us, we live in higher elevation, but it will be a real problem... I am thinking that Mackie will have 'Mount Mackie' for a while yet, though.

Speaking of Mackie... He has decided that this week would be the most stressful week of dog ownership EVER! On Monday he was insanely sick... Like, wake the humans up in the middle of the night sick. I even took the day off work to watch him... I have no idea what he got into, but I hope he never gets into it again! Thankfully he bounced back and there was no vet visit involved. Then, on Tuesday he decided that things were not stressful enough. We have very high piles of snow, so cars cannot see my dog. Needless to say his ball got away from him and out into the road. And, that was almost the end of my dog ownership. It was insanely close to him being hit. If he hadn't been so terrified or had slipped, that would have been it. I guess I was pretty loud because my neighbour heard me yelling and saw it all happen. She had a better vantage point so I know when she says it was close.... It was close... It really freaked him out so hopefully that will be a lesson for him. (Have I really talked about Mackie on my blog before? I just went to use him as a tag and it didn't come up... I need to rectify that!)

It seems that 2015 is turning in the year of the comics for me. It's funny considering a few years ago I wouldn't even read comics. Now I find myself basically only reading them! I just think it is a combination of the horrible weather and the satisfaction. After over a year of hardly reading at all, here I am finishing stuff. I hope that longer works will reenter my reading, but for now I am enjoying my foray into comic books. I have read some really awesome stuff lately and hopefully it will continue!

What's happening in your neck of the woods?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR List

1 - Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs - New book in the Alpha and Omega series.

2 - First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen - I bought this right away and just haven't got to it!

3 - Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman - I was so excited this came! I just am off in comic book land and haven't had a chance to read it. 

4 - The Just City by Jo Walton - I also bought this right away and just haven't got to it!

5 - The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley - I got this with Christmas gift cards. Can't wait to get to it!

6 - The Monopolists by Mary Pilon - I love Monopoly so this is really interesting to me!

7 - The Very Best of Kate Elliott - This is on deck for the Once Upon a Time challenge.

8 - Ms. Marvel - Volume 2: Generation Why by G. Willow Wilson - Volume 1 was awesome!

9 - Captain Marvel - Volume 2: Stay Fly by Kelly Sue DeConnick - Volume 1 was awesome!

10 - Fables - Volume 21: Happily Ever After by Bill Willingham - I LOVE FABLES! That is all.

Top Ten Tuesday is Hosted at The Broke and the Bookish.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week in Review (11)

Random Thoughts

Okay, according to my list that includes single issues of comics I have read... *drumroll please* 100 BOOKS! According to the list that does not include single issues... I have read 66 books. It is still exciting because that is more than I read entirely last year. I hope that 2015 continues to be an awesome reading year!

Graphic Novel Year

Wild's End Issues 1-6
Fabled Kingom Volume 1 & 2
Hawkeye - Volume 1: My Life as a Weapon
Hexed Issues 1-7
Alex + Ada Volume 2
The Wicked + The Divine - Volume 1: The Faust Act


Still neglecting them... And with the exchange rate I decided to put my Audible membership on hiatus for 3 months. Frankly, I might cancel after that time is up...

Currently Reading

I am not sure what will stick. I have been in a shorter works mood lately, comics, so I am hoping that novels and longer works will work back in before long!

Weekly Reading

Wild's End Issues 1-6 - Well, this was good. Apparently it is one of those things that a lot of people have read. I missed that and read it because I was curious and it was on Scribd. I really liked it! I feel like anything I want to say about it would be spoilerish, but check it out!

So, I LOVE Queenie Chan and I was so excited that the first two volumes of this new series by her was on Scribd. And, I LOVE it! I love fairy tale retellings. It takes a bit to get used to her writing style because she mixes writing and pictures in a bit different way, but once you get your groove... I can't wait until Volume 3!

I have been hearing so much good things about this series... So, I splurged and snagged a copy. I am really intrigued! It was a good introduction and I can't wait to see what happens next!

A Twitter conversation lead to this series. And, yeah, I am so loving this so far! I read 7 issues of it and I want more! I love Lucifer, the main character, and the secondary characters are all people that I want to get know better, too! This is one I will be buying in trade!

I read the first one recently so you knew I was going to be snatching this up when it came out. And, I continue to really enjoy them! I can have more soon, please?

This is another series I have heard good things about and wanted to check out. I am really really intrigued! I really liked this intro and can't wait to see what happens next!

New Additions

Fall of Cthulhu Omnibus Vol.1
Alex + Ada Volume 2
Hawkeye - Volume 1: My Life As A Weapon
The Wicked + The Divine Volume 1
Shadow Scale: A Companion to Seraphina
Dead Heat

Monday, March 09, 2015

Week in Review (10)

Random Thoughts

I have made my decision when it comes to 'single' issues of graphic novels. Two lists! I have one list that includes them and another list that doesn't... Yes, I over-think things at times. I have just been reading a lot of comics lately and I feel like it is an unfair representation of my reading year. But, I am still going to be excited about the fact that I am reading this year and enjoying myself.

Graphic Novel Year
American Vampire Volume 1
100 Bullets Volume 1: First Shot, Last Call
The Woods Issues 7, 8, 9, & 10
Lumberjanes Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10
Bee and Puppycat Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6


Still listening to Red Queen. I need to do better on audiobooks!

Currently Reading

Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales
Reflections: On the Magic of Writing by Diana Wynne Jones
A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones
Into the Dark Lands by Michelle Sagara West

Weekly Reading

(March 1, 2015)  - This was actually a reread for me! I originally read it in 2009 and still think it is a very fun read! I love Diana Wynne Jones!

(March 1, 2015) - Finally! I really liked this one! I was getting kind of tired of vampire, but this one is not like the other popular ones out there right now. I can't wait to read Volume 2.

(March 1, 2015) - I thought this was fun. I love dogs! I probably will review it at some point and write my own letter!

(March 2, 2015) - This comic unfortunately suffers from 'I am not sure what I think of this one...' I liked it, but I am not sure if I love it. I have Volume 2, so we will see what happens!

(March 5, 2015) - Issues 7-10 - I originally read this comic on a whim and I am really liking it so far! I can't wait for more!

(March 5, 2015) - Issues 1-10 - I love this so far! So fun! I have heard lots of good things about it and I am excited to get to check it out.

(March 6, 2015) - This was just sort of there and I really was curious about the title. It was fun! I love Diana Wynne Jones!

(March 7, 2015) - Another Diana Wynne Jones I chose based on the title. I love dogs so it was a given!

(March 7, 2015) - I wouldn't say that I love this comic... It is a bit random... But, I did like it and would read more.

New Additions

Nothing this week...

Thursday, March 05, 2015

In Which 2015 is Shaping up to be THE YEAR OF THE COMIC

I am off today and decided I was going to visit Scribd again just to see if they had Diana Wynne Jones back on there (they do). And then my morning got all side-tracked... One of the fun things I find with Scribd is all the recommendations they give you. This morning they maybe made me squeal a little!
In February I randomly read the first full volume (issues 1-5) and Issue 6 of The Woods. I knew nothing about it, but it was there and I decided to take a chance on it. Frankly, it is weird, but I am really liking it so far. (Yay, for taking chances!) Today Scribd offered me as a suggestion to finish reading the series. A quick look resulted in me finding they had added 4 more issues of the series. So, I, of course, dropped everything and went off to read them. And, the series continues to be weird and I am not sure if I love it, but I do really really like it. Plus, as far as I can tell I am caught up! (Did I mention I am loving Scribd?)
So, I still had Scribd open on my computer when I came back from my quick binge and the wonders I found! Namely, 10 issues of Lumberjanes! A lot of bloggers that I love and trust are reading that series and here was my chance. I imagine you can picture how the rest of my morning went... Holy fun! I really like this series so far! And, the art is fantastic. I really find that strong female characters are the minority in comics, so I am so excited that this about a group of young girls getting into a lot of adventures and being brave and showing the pleasures of female friendship. It's a great example of strong female characters for the younger readers out there. And, it is just fun for us older readers.

That just covers today... Other goodies of the March so far include finally reading the first volumes of American Vampires and 100 Bullets. I had them on my TBR pile but think I was mostly holding off because I am in the midst of SO. MANY. SERIES. But, one of my goals for 2015 is to not have a comic book TBR. I had this grand plan for March that I would read a book and then read a comic... The whole Scribd excitement earlier today sort of derailed that plan... If you look at the year so far I am just in a comics mood. There are so many there that I want to read and Scribd is giving me a chance to explore with less damage to my pocket book!

Which brings me to my own personal dilemma.... I essentially read 14 books today, but do they count because they are single issues of comics? I dutifully went to Goodreads and added them to my 'To Read' shelf, but is that cheating? I really have battled with this since I started reading comics in the first place. I mostly read trades, but in this digital age it is so much easier to read single issues and keep up with favourite series. But, it means I have read 73 books so far this year. This is all ready more than I read total in 2014 and it is only March. I like to think that reading is reading no matter the page length, but I can't relax about it entirely...

Do you battle with any forms of reading guilt?

Monday, March 02, 2015

February in Review

What I Learned

Well, I have mentioned a couple times that I have basically been in a reading slump for like a year or more. I was delighted to find that reading can still click with me and it did in February. I am not sure what the rest of the year will bring, but I am very excited that I had one good reading month after such a long drought. Hopefully I can keep the excitement and momentum going!

The Books
18. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
19. Cress by Marissa Meyer
20. Fairest by Marissa Meyer
21. Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh
22. Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu
23. Ember by Bettie Sharpe
24. March: Book 1 by John Robert Lewis
25. X-23: The Killing Dream by Marjorie M. Liu
26. Mystery Society by Steve Niles
27. Ultimate X-Men - Volume 1: The Tomorrow People by Mark Millar
28. The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire
29. How a Mother Weaned her Daughter from Fairy Tales by Kate Bernheimer
30. Anthem by Ayn Rand
31. Silently and Very Fast by Catherynne Valente
32. Blue is the Warmest Color by Julie Maroh
33. The Woods - Volume 1: The Arrow by James Tynion IV
34. The Woods - Issue 6 by James Tynion IV
35. Bizenghast Volume 1 by Alice LeGrow
36. Bizenghast Volume 2 by Alice LeGrow
37. Bizenghast Volume 3 by Alice LeGrow
38. Bizenghast Volume 4 by Alice LeGrow
39. Bizenghast Volume 5 by Alice LeGrow
40. Bizenghast Volume 6 by Alice LeGrow
41. Bizenghast Volume 7 by Alice LeGrow
42. Bizenghast Volume 8 by Alice LeGrow
43. Splendour in the Snow by Diana Thung
44. Kat & Mouse Volume 1: Teacher Torture by Alex de Campi
45. Kat & Mouse Volume 2: Tripped by Alex de Campi
46. Kat & Mouse Volume 3: The Ice Storm by Alex de Campi
47. Kat & Mouse Volume 4: The Knave of Diamonds by Alex de Campi
48. Alex & Ada: Volume 1 by Jonathan Luna
49. Rat Queens: Volume 1: Sass & Sorcery by Kurtis J. Wiebe
50. This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki
51. Peach Fuzz - Volume 1 by Lindsay Cibos
52. Peach Fuzz - Volume 2 by Lindsay Cibos
53. Peach Fuzz - Volume 3 by Lindsay Cibos
54. The Hero's Guide to Saving your Kingdom by Christopher Healy
55. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Slings and Arrows, Book 1: A Sea of Troubles by J. Steven York

The Source

Bought: 3
Scribd: 29
E-Book: 1
Gift: 3
Audio: 1

New to me Authors

Allie Brosh (Hyperbole and a Half)
Anne Ursu (Breadcrumbs)
John Robert Lewis (March Book 1)
Bettie Sharpe (Ember)
Marjorie M. Liu (X-23)
Steve Niles (Mystery Society)
Mark Millar (Ultimate X-Men)
Kate Bernheimer (How a Mother Weaned her Daughter from Fairy Tales)
Ayn Rand (Anthem)
Julie Maroh (Blue is the Warmest Color)
James Tynion IV (The Woods)
Alice LeGrow (Bizenghast)
Alex de Campi (Kat & Mouse)
Jonathan Luna (Alex & Alda)
Kurtis J. Wiebe (Rat Queens)
Lindsay Cibos (Peach Fuzz)
Christopher Healy (The Hero's Guide to Saving your Kingdom)

Series Talk

The Lunar Chronicles - 3/3 Caught up! (or 4/4 if you count Fairest)
March Trilogy - 1/2
Ultimate X-Men - 1/15?
Bizenghast - 8/8 FINISHED!
Kat & Mouse - 4/4 FINISHED!
Alex & Alda - 1/1 - Caught up!
Rat Queens - 1/1 - Caught up!
Peach Fuzz - 3/3 - FINISHED!
The Hero's Guide - 1/3
Slings & Arrows - 1/6

Books Added to the TBR Pile

Fairest: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
The Just City by Jo Walton
First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen
The Monopolists by Mary Pilon
The Very Best of Kate Elliott