Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wordless Wednesday - Take 6

As I get this ready, on Tuesday, we still have not found Casey. I went to the vets and stuff in the area on Monday and nothing. At this point I imagine she is either locked inside somewhere or another animal hurt her. I have always been more of a dog person than a cat, but I love my cats. And, Casey is probably my favourite cat of all the ones I have ever owned. So, here are some Casey pictures over the last few months.

Last Picture of her just before she went out on Monday.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Books I Read Because of the R.I.P. Challenge

As this is the Halloween freebie, I thought I would look back on the R.I.P. Challenge and see what books I read during that challenge that I really enjoyed!

Read in 2013. Just one of those books that has a great story, but is also just great to look at and own!

Read in 2013. I still have never read the sequels to this book even though I enjoyed this one!

Read in 2011. Love this book! I have also listened to the audio of it!

Read in 2011. Really enjoyed this series opener... Still have not read the sequels.

Read in 2011. I used to read classics and loved this one. Really must get back to reading classics...

Read in 2011. Kate Morton is one of my favourite authors. I have read all of her books except her newest!

Read in 2010. Loved this book. (Also read My Cousin Rachel for R.I.P and loved that one, too.) I had plans to reread this, but would have to actually be reading to do that!

Read in 2008. Really enjoyed this book by Gaiman. Another I keep wanting to reread!

Read in 2008. I love this collection! I have a larger collection of her short stories that I really need to get around to reading!

Read in 2008. I never had much luck with her novel, but I loved this short story collection!

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Monday, October 24, 2016

This or That

I saw this on Diary of an Eccentric and thought I would play along!

Reading on the couch or reading in bed?
~ In the morning when I am the only one up, I will read on the couch with Mackie or Casey. The rest of the time I read in bed.

Main character: Male or Female?
~ It doesn't really bother me one or another as long as they are written well. I think I gravitate more towards women just because I try to seek books out that are about women. The men's story have been told for years in many genres, it is time for the women.

Sweet or salty snacks while reading?
~ I don't really snack while reading. Usually just drink my coffee or another drink. That's about it.

Trilogies or quartets?
~ Trilogies. Only because that is one less book in a series and I am atrocious at series. lol

First Person or Third person POV?
~ I will read both. I don't seek one out over the other really. It is all in the writer and if they can pull it off.

Night or morning reader?
~ I read when I get the chance. I do most of my reading in the morning, though, because that is the usual time I have the peace and quiet to do so.

Libraries or bookstores?
~ Bookstores. I love libraries, too, but never go to the one here because of its inconvenient location.

Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?
~ I guess unintentionally I tend to read sadder books than books that make me laugh. I don't necessarily seek one out above the other, but tend to read more darker books than lighter ones.

Black or white book covers?
~ Not sure why this is a question because covers are many colours? If I judge a book by the cover, it is usually to appreciate the art. Like Charles de Lint or Patricia McKillip. They scored in the cover art department!

Character driven or plot driven stories?
~ In fantasy, I find that a lot of books tend to be more plot driven than character driven. But, again, I honestly do not have a preference when I pick out books. It is again all in how well the author does it!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week in Review - Week 43

Random Thoughts

I am trying to go back to doing normal things, but man my mind is elsewhere. It has been rainy and windy and I just want to know where Casey is... Mackie, the guy, and I went for a walk around the neigbourhood and there was this one moment where I thought I heard a cat cry in reply. But, I couldn't find anything... It is raining again, but I think I probably will go out again in a bit just in case I did hear something and try again. I think it is all the harder because the read-a-thon was this weekend and, while I had a lot of fun co-hosting at the Instagram account, I wanted to be able to take lots of pictures of Casey like I normally do. This weekend has been hard. And, I am no stranger to cats wandering, my childhood cats were all outdoor cats, but Casey has never done it before... So, still hoping she is just on an epic adventure!

Graphic Novel Year

Fables: The Wolf Among Us - Volume 2

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Fables: The Wolf Among Us - Volume 2 ~ I have never loved the Fables spin-offs as much as the actual series, but I am happy that they exist so that there is still new things to read. This series is a prequel to the more famous series and centres around Bigby the Wolf. Bigby is one of my favourite characters, so I do appreciate a whole series dedicated to him. It is still not as good as the original series, but it was fun and I hope there is more but it ended like it really could just be the two volumes... Recommended!

The Nightingale ~ When I finished this, I loved it so much... But I also was like FINALLY! I am reading so slowly, so it felt like I read this book forever. But, I am so glad that I finally got a chance to check it out! It was on 2015's releases that I was really curious about but just hadn't got a chance to try. I used to read WWII fiction and non-fiction all the time, but it has been a while! This was a good reintroduction to the time period centred around women. Strongly recommended!

Black Rabbit Hall ~ I finally finished my audio, too! I really enjoyed this atmospheric novel and was so happy it was brought to my attention! It was really well done on audio. I like a good novel where the house is as much a character in the story as the actual people. What I also really liked is that there was a big story-line that they could have never revealed the details to, but in the epilogue that tie up that loose end. That is a rare thing in a book. Make sure you read the epilogue! Strongly recommended!

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A Wild Swan
The Rose & the Dagger
The Queen of Blood
The Swan Riders
The Graces
The Shadowed Sun
Labyrinth Lost
The Scorpion Rules
Giant Days - Volume 3
The Comet Seekers

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Bookish (And Not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. | As I write this, Thursday night, we still have not found Casey. I hope I edit this post tomorrow (or today as you are reading this) and say she came home. I feel so sick about it all. I have checked outside so many times, I am getting nothing else done. I am just worried because she could still come back, but there is the possibility that she won't. I am trying to stay positive, but it's hard. Over the last 5 years or so, Casey has been my one constant. I love Mackie and Finn, too, but we got Casey first. It is not a good feeling to open the door and her still not be there...

2. | So, the readathon is this weekend. I won't be reading for it officially, but I have been posting at the Instagram account and plan to over the weekend as well! I look forward to seeing what everyone reads and visiting some blogs! It is such a huge event now. I know I have said this before, but the first couple readathons I visited every blog participating and usually more than once. Now I find it overwhelming! Hope everyone has lots of fun!

3. | I got an insane amount of books in the mail on Wednesday. It was crazy. I think the mail gods decided that I needed a pick me up when Casey still wasn't back and the worrying got worse... Only one parcel said it was out for delivery and some of the books were not supposed to be here until November. I am not complaining, but you need to space orders out or other humans start noticing. lol And, I guess my whole mood is making reading even harder right now. (Not going to lie, I teared up when I wrote the first paragraph...)

4. | I think I mentioned on a previous post, or somewhere on my blog, that my grandmother had fallen? Well, things are better there. She honestly could not maintain a house alone anymore and she was 2 and a half hours from my mother. After some thought, she is moving to an apartment closer to my mother. It is another bittersweet thing, really. My dad's parents passed away like 15 years ago and my mom's mom is really the only grandparent I got a good chunk of time with. I think my October has had enough bad things happen in it and it is not over yet...

5. | Finn is missing Casey, too. He camps out by the door most of the day. He hated when she went outside before, but he has never wanted to go out himself. When I look for Casey I have Mackie and Finn standing on the doorstep with me. I feel really bad for him. He adored Casey and I doubt he knows what is happening. I wonder when he will get to a point that he stops waiting for her? We always call Casey the Queen because Mackie and Finn definitely know that she is the boss. I am a bad owner lately. Two days now I have forgot to feed Finn and Mackie supper because Casey wasn't here to tell me it was time. You just get used to something and then get thrown off when it is not there.

6. | I am struggling with reading. I haven't been listening to my audios or reading anything the last couple days. I am too distracted. I am starting to think my lofty post of audios I wanted to read next, that I posted on Tuesday, was crazy because I have been listening to the same two audios for like 2 weeks now. I need to get my head back in the game. I have been stressed in general and this whole cat thing is not helping. But, on Tuesday my house was clean and I got a bunch of reading done. I had high hopes that day for the rest of the week.

7. | I am starting to think I should take a blogging break because my posts are boring and depressing lately...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

WWW Wednesday - On Thursday (3)

My week has been a bit disorganised because Casey didn't come back in after being out Monday night, and we still have not found her. She is usually pretty predictable when she gets out, so I am concerned to say the least. I find working from home, I keep getting up and opening the door and calling for her. It means I am not settled doing anything this week... So, this post will not be all that different than last week...

~ I have been mostly reading The Round House by Louise Erdrich, but I think it is a bit too slow paced for my mood. It is good, though! Last night I started Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff because I think this pace is better for me right now. I am only 60 pages in, but it is good so far. I think this will likely be a better fit for me right now. And, then, I am still technically reading The Geek Feminist Revolution, but keep forgetting about it... oops!

~ This has not changed from last week, which is crazy for me lately. I am still listening to What I Saw and How I Lied and Black Rabbit Hall. They are both really good, but I am just not making time for audio like I normally do...

~ I finished The Nightingale. It was really good, but probably also not the exact book for my mood of late, so it took me forever. At least I enjoyed it, though! I hadn't read a historical fiction set in WWII in a very long time. It was a good one to go with to get into it again! I also read Fables: The Wolf Among Us - Volume 2. I had started off the week on a reading high, but I didn't know Casey was missing yet... Anyway, the Fables spin-offs, for me, are never quite as good as the original series, but it was good and I am glad I finally got around to reading it. And now, I have read everything and have no idea if there is anything else coming from the Fables world?

~ I had big plans, folks. Now I have no idea if I will even finish a book this week let alone what to go with next. I am just not good at this whole not knowing thing. Casey could be fine, but she is not here wailing at me for food. I just feel a little off with her not under foot. Last night I actually forgot to feed Finn because I always feed him when I feed Casey, and Casey wasn't here to remind me she was starving.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Audiobooks I Am Dying to Listen To

Okay, so this is not the topic for the week... But, I wasn't really feeling the current one and decided to make my own post this week. If you want to see the real topic, head over to The Broke and the Bookish.

I have made a, likely to change, list of books I would like to listen to next... They are:

Being Jazz: My Life a (Transgender) Teen ~ I am pretty sure this is a television show, but since we do not have cable I am only familiar with the book. I am really curious about how she sees the world and make her way in it.

The Guineveres ~ This is one of those books making the rounds lately that has caught my eye. It is compared to The Virgin Suicides and I love that book!

The Motion of Puppets ~ I really enjoyed The Stolen Child, but have yet to read on with Donohue. This book has been catching my eye for months and I love the cover. It is time for me to read Donohue again!

Feedback ~ I listened to the first three books, so makes sense to listen to the 4th!

The Mothers ~ Another one that has been catching my eye that I am thinking about doing on audio. It sounds good!

Ghostland ~ This sounds really good for this time of the year!

All the Birds in the Sky ~ I have been curious about this book all year! I also saw the author on a documentary and was interested by them, too!

Stiletto ~ I enjoyed the first book in this series on audio and am curious to see what happens next!

Jane Steele ~ I have been planning to read this all year and hear that the audio was good... Now to actually get to it!

Fellside ~ I really enjoyed The Girl with all the Gifts on audio so was planning to listen to this one, too, but then the e-book was on sale over the weekend so might just read it!

Monday, October 17, 2016

7 'Interesting' Things About Me

Jenny at Alternate Readality did this meme of sorts, and since I am always looking for easy ways to blog... I thought I would, too!

1. | I am not a flowers, chocolates, and jewellery type. But, I did get flowers for my birthday this year that were multi-coloured and really have enjoyed using them for photo-a-day prompts. I could come around to this getting flowers thing!

2. | You probably know this, but I am atrocious at TV watching. There are so many shows that I have heard good things about and want to try. I watch an episode or two and then fall behind. The only two shows still on the air that I usually manage to catch-up on are NCIS and Bones.

3. | Autumn is my favourite season. I love the changing leaves and the crispness to the air. I used to love winter when I was younger, but it loses its appeal when you have to clean out your driveway or drive in dangerous conditions. Not to mention power outages in the winter suck!

4. | I rarely actually use my cellphone for any of the phone functions. I mostly use it as a little tablet... Although, I prefer to do any reading on the larger screens of my tablet (or usually dead, e-reader).

5. | I think you have probably figured this out lately, but I am very routine-oriented. If my routine gets thrown off, it throws off my day because I feel like there is stuff not finished when I get to the end of the day. It is why the summer is hard for me, the guys son is here a lot more and I lose my 'me' time in the morning.

6. | I like making lists and keeping track of things. I still do my day by day journal that I blogged about in like 2012. I think for 2017, I am going to take it one step further and get one of these Q&A a Day journals. If I can keep it up, it would be fun to see how I change over 5 years.

7. | I have a love/hate relationship with politics. I say I am going to ignore them and not comment on them, but as time passes I am spending more and more time glancing at the train wreck. I think Canadians need to pay more attention to our closest neighbours because what happens down there ultimately affects us... I just think we live in a scary world.

Not necessarily interesting, but it is what it is!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week in Review - Week 42

Random Thoughts

I have had such a slow reading week, but hopefully this up-coming week goes a bit better! I am really struggling getting into a routine, I guess. So, reading keeps falling to the side. And, I can't blame the books. I am enjoying them. It is time. I honestly do not know where the hours in the day go most days. As of right now I am hoping to get this post done really fast so I can do about a million other things today. Remember when days off were relaxing? When we were like 10... 

Graphic Novel Year

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The Dreamer ~ I have been listening to random audios on Scribd and this was one of my recent choices. It was really good! I have heard good things about Pam Munoz Ryan and this was a good place to start with her. The story of a young boy overcoming a tough childhood to manage to see the beauty in the world and become a famous poet. The narrator was really good and I felt really captured the story. It is hard when an adult does primarily young people's voices, but he pulled it off well and I really enjoyed the overall experience!

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The Wicked + the Divine - Volume 4: Rising Action

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