Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Guilty Pleasures - Laurell K. Hamilton [March/06]

Well, of all the reading I had done up to this point, this was the most interesting discovery. I had been hearing about her on a few web sites, but never got around to reading her, then one day I happened to see a book by her at the second hand store and low and behold, it was book one. I had never really done the vampire novels before, so I was curious how it would play out. What happened was, I really liked this novel.

This is book one in Hamilton's "Anita Blake" series. Anita Blake is a vampire slayer and a neomancer. Not sure which came first, Buffy or Blake, but I was never much of a Buffy fan. Anyways, in the novels she deals a lot with dead people, so it is sort of interesting. She has some pretty amazing abilities and can do things that regular people can not dealing with vampires. The particularly good thing about book one is that this is not her beginning out in her career, by the time we are reading her, she has been in the business for I think 4 years, so she has connections and interesting experience which adds to the novel.

In this first book she has a meeting with the master of the city that she lives in. Someone is killing vampires and the master wants Anita to crack the case. This is a really old, really powerful, and really deadly vampire that Anita is dealing with, so it gets interesting. It is one of those novels that I would hate to have spoiled for me, because figuring things out is half the fun. I will tell you that there is a vampire that has a "thing" for her, which is sort of interesting because he is a vampire and she is practically a mortal. I say practically because well, strange things happen. She gains some powers from the lover boy and can actually stand nearly neck to neck with most vampires, just not all of them.

I have to admit, I was skeptical about these novels at first, even though people were telling me they were good. I really enjoyed reading this, though. Anita Blake is a action sort of gal and she really gets the job done! I hear that she gets sort of romancy in the later novels, but for the time being it is nice to read about a strong independant woman that knocks out the bad folk.


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