Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One for the Money - Janet Evanovich [June/06]

I have heard of a lot of people who have read the Stephanie Plum novels, so when the second hand store had a whole bunch of them one day, I decided to get book 1. They are not challenging reads, but they are highly entertaining. If the second hand store gets book two I can see myself reading it.

First things though, the back of the book:

One Fine Mess
Welcome to Trenton, New Jersey, home to wiseguys, average Joes, and Stephanie Plum, who sports a big attitude and eve bigger money problems (since losing her job as a lingerie buyer for a depatment store). Stephanie needs cash-fast-but times are tough, and soon she's forced to turn to the last resort of the truly desperate: family...

One False Move
Stephanie lands a gig at her sleazy cousin Vinnie's bail bonding company. She's got no experience. But that doesn't matter. Neither does the fact that the bail jumper in question is local vice cop Joe Morelli. From the time her first looked up her dress to the time he first got into her pants, to the time Steph hit him with her father's Buick, M-o-r-e-l-l-i has spelled t-r-o-u-b-l-e. And now the hot guy is in hot water - wanted for muder...

One for the Money
Abject poverty is a great motivator for learning new skills, but being trained in the school of hard knocks by people like psycho prizefighter Benito Ramirez isn't. Still, if Stephanie can nab Morelli in a week, she'll make a cool ten grand. All she has to do is become an expert bounty hunter overnight- and keep herself from getting killed before she gets her man...

That is a very detailed back to a novel, so I don't think I have to say much more about it. It is interesting to watch Stephanie try and fight crime as a bounty hunter when she really has no background in it. While she is entertaining, I found her potentially annoying. Have to see what happens as the books go along. For right now I found Morelli to be the more interesting character, but we will see what book two brings. An entertaining first novel, though. I have high hopes for the later ones.



  1. The scene where grandma shot the chicken has me smiling just thinking about it! When I first read it I was crying laughing!!

    Can't wait for Twelve Sharp to come out at the end of this month!

  2. I read this one and the second one a few years ago. I lost enthusiasm for this series in the middle of third book, which I didn't finish. So I'm not a big fan. LOL

  3. I wasn't blown away by them, but I find them enjoyable. :)

    The grandmother was just simply great!

  4. They can be very funny. If you keep reading, then you'll get into the Joe vs Ranger territory.

  5. I heard about that. I will have to see if I can find book 2. The second hand store only had book 6 and 9. Seems her other series are brought in more.

  6. Ames, same here. I read books 1-3 and lost interest. I did get a few really good laughs from these books but they seem like the same story each book; just substitute different villains and characters.

  7. Yeah, that's why I stopped.


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