Monday, July 17, 2006

Book, books, beautiful books

I am very excited because today I used ebay and abebooks for the FIRST time! I have a list of out of print fantasy authors that I want to read, and today I got:

Vera Chapman
-The Green Knight
-King Arthur's Daughter
-The King's Damsel
In case it is not obvious, they are about King Arthur.

Patricia Kennealy
-The Hawk's Gray Feather
-The Oak Above the Kings
-Hedge of Mist
Also about King Arthur

Then, on ebay they had 8 books in one lot by Elizabeth Boyer. I was looking for:
-The Troll's Grindstone
-The Curse of Slagfid
-The Dragon's Carbucle
-The Lord of Chaos

The others were:
The Sword and the Satchel
The Elves and the Otterskin
The Thrall and the Dragon's Heart
The Wizard and the Warlord

I wasn't looking for them, but if I like the other series I might like these ones too, and it was a good price. So, I am taking my chances.

I also have books coming from Random House!

I am in book heaven.


  1. Good stuff! I'm still waiting for my books from RH. *pout*
    But yeah, I felt like book heaven last week when both my parents bought me books. LOL

    Hey, is that a new LKH I see you're reading?

  2. Oh, what books are you getting from Random House? I just read "The Girls" from them. Still need to do a review.

    As to the LKH, the book store says that it is not new, it is a rerelease of a trilogy that was very hard to get ahold of. This is the first one, with book two coming out in September. It was really good. And very different from Anita Blake.

  3. I forget which books I asked for. LOL That was last week already.

    I've never heard of that trilogy. But early LKH was okay, so if you say it's good, I'll believe you.

  4. I enjoyed it... see, it wasn't like Anita Blake is now, sex sex everywhere. There was a story. lol It is paranormal, there are zombies and wizards and so forth in it. I liked it enough to see what happens in book 2. And, there are only 3 books as opposed to 12 or whatever.

  5. Oh these sound good! I love King Arthur books. I read Bernard Cornwell's first in his Arthurian trilogy earlier this year and loved it.

  6. I just got my confirmation letters for the Kennealy and Chapman books. The first two Kennealy books are not planned to be here until September, but the third one will be here in August! What am I supposed to do with it! The Chapman books are all due in August because I bought the 3-in-1 book. Considering the effort I went to for these books, I plan to sit down and read them when I get them.

    Oh, and Heather, I have a lot of Arthur like novels that I have not necessarily reviewed but have them in my library. I need to put the header back on my library so people can see my catalog... I will do that, you might see an Arthur novel that sounds good (I have the Cornwell novels on my list, I just haven't bought them yet).

  7. I love Patricia Kennealy--especially that first trilogy, and the King Arthur trilogy. And Elizabeth Boyer? So much fun. "Elves and the Otterskin" remains my favorite of hers . . . although, it WAS the first book of hers I ever read, and that can makea difference!


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