Friday, July 28, 2006

Show and tell

I knocked the drawer out of my night stand, and I found a poem! My (ex) boyfriend gave it to me for out very first Easter together, and I thought I would share:

The Gods and the Angels

When you spend all your time alone
Trying to decipher your life
Picking apart the days
Wasting away into nothing
You get some time to think
Is your life really worth it?

You are always missing a piece of the puzzle
That no one wishes to help you solve
Until one day, I help you put it into place
And you looked up, and smiled at me
I never forgot that smile, through the sadness
A part of you is locked inside me

The closer you and I grow, the happier I become
A flower that was dry and fragile
Is now satisfied, and strong
The darkness, the sadness, all erased
Now only sunlight spreads into your eyes
At first, it blinds, then it is comforting

Slowly, day by day, the pages are turning
The story of my life continues to be written
And although the story was to be winding down
Now a new chapter unfolds
A new writer at the healm
Together, you and I will scribe forever

We will show the world all our strengths
And we will cover for the others weakness
Forever we will trust in one another
Uncover all the secrets that lie within each other
To keep all the darkness away, we will fight
For in your arms, I am invincible

It almost seems, that after you
Nothing else really matters to me at all
I extended my heart to you
And you graciously kept it warm
There are no words I may write that can explain
Just how much I care for you

Thank you, for always being there for me
And again, thanks for trying to make me smile
I will always try to return that favor
To make you happy, and keep your world shining
I can show you what it's like to dance on the sun
Where it's always warm

Together, we will transcend the stars
Purge the heavens, and lay amongst the clouds
Gaze at the starligh, and paint a picture in our minds
Of what true happiness may be
It's just you, and me, here to stay
And that thought alone, keeps me going

Even if it comes to pass, that all we are
Is ghosts among the cobwebs of time
That alone will keep me strong
To be with your spirit for the rest of eternity
Show me what life is, and help me onto my feet
I'll hold you tight, and never want to let go...

...until next time

It's not like it was lost, it is currently framed and hanging on my wall. There have been other poems, I have them too, but this was my first, his best, and my favourite.


  1. Very deep. Does he want to be a writer?

  2. No, he's an artist:


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