Friday, July 14, 2006

Television Love

I am a bit behind on my book reviews, and you would think I would be attempting to catch up, but nope, I am sharing my excitement over: FIFTH SEASON OF ER!

It came out this past week, and it was very exciting! More because it takes them forever to release a season.

Season Four came out just after Christmas, and it was a few months before that I bought season three. I have to tell this because this is the only television show I am collecting on DVD. I just adore it, but I don't watch television all that much. This way, I just buy the sets and watch them when I want to.

This is classic ER, though. George Clooney is just on the brink of leaving to make all the movies that now grace the theatres, Julianna Marguilies hasn't followed suit, and Anthony Edwards has not died from cancer on the show yet. But must importantly, Noal Wyle is still there, and his segments on the show do not include a five second showing they consider worthy of a comeback!

It is great to go back and relive the moments. ER has been on the air for 12 years now, the cast has changed many many times. There are always those characters, usually girls, that are present in one season and then vanish never to be heard from again, but back in these days we had the cast that made ER. As they slowly started leaving the show something was taken away from it.

I know most people do not care, but I can't help expressing my love for this show. I also love the progression in covers. The last three were bright and cheerful while the first two remind me of a hospital. While it is a hospital show, colour is needed to make the cases look nice lined up next to each other. It will be interesting to see how many times they repeat covers as the show keeps on trucking and the episodes are slowly released on DVD.

I mainly am writing this because my boyfriend, not a smart guy, told me back when I picked up the first two seasons that he would buy them for me, and that he would continue to until I had the whole set! ha! I don't think he knew what he was getting himself into, so I bought season 1 and season 4, and he bought the other three. I really appreciate the gesture, though. I can't wait to watch season 5 and relive the memories. Someday, they might speed up the release process, but at the same time, this rate ensures that I have them as they come out because I am waiting in anticipation with money set aside.

It will be sad when this show finally goes off the air, but it has had a good run. And it is has the distinction of being the only television show I ever really loved (other than my closet Star Trek love and the X-Files which I will start collecting one of these days when they don't cost so much).


  1. Not an ER fan, but I am a StarTrek lover! LOL But only the Next Generation. And the movies - I love star trek movies. God I suck.

    Anyway, Grey's Anatomy is really good too!

  2. Only The Next Generation for me as well!


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