Friday, July 28, 2006


I am trying to get my reviews caught up, so be sure to scroll down from time to time because I have all the back of books saved and stuff, it is just a matter of filling in the info. I am doing that more by what I feel like writing about than anything.

I also added all the blogs I read to my blogroll, so be sure and check to see if there is anything new on there that you have never explored before. I was using three computers for a while, so that still might be missing some. Once I have them all together that will be good. I am sure there are some I haven't read in a while.

Hopefully I can get a couple more books into the end of the month. I am having a lull, which I understand a lot of people are experiencing. Must be the blasted heat of the last month!


  1. Three computers? Oh who the hell am I to talk? I got two at work, one at home and my dad's sometimes. LOL

  2. Yeah, my mothers, my (ex) boyfriends, and the exchange students computer. I don't have one of my own anymore.

  3. LOL

    Shame on you for taking advantage of the es's computer!


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