Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Out With the Old, In With the New - The Troll's Grindstone - Elizabeth H. Boyer [August/06]

Okay, here is the truth. July sucked. Lots of bad stuff happened in July. I am just going to pretend that it is over with and move on to August. I know I have books left over to review from July, and I might backtrack, but after last month I need a clean slate and to go on my way.

So, the first book that I finished in August in The Troll's Grindstone by Elizabeth H. Boyer. I had seen her books at second hand stores before, but it wasn't until I read all the books that this blogger has read over the last two years that I came across someone that has actually read them. She has read a lot of great stuff, and the amount of books she can read in a month is just mind boggling! Do you know how it is? Something looks interesting but you need that extra push to splurge on it. That was what this was for me. Now, thanks to ebay, I have 8 books by her to read.

From the back of the book:

To escape his enemies, Leifr agreed to impersonate the long-lost Fridmarr. But Fridmarr was one of the Alfar, as Leifr learned when he was taken into the legendary Alfar realm and a give a magic jewel to aid the deception.

Fridmarr, he soon discovered, was hated by everyone. Forty years before, he had betrayed his people by helping the evil, powerful wizard Sorkvir despoil their land and destroy their weapons with a spell. Not content with that, Fridmarr had then betrayed Sorkvir, and Sorkvir had vowed to torture him to death if he ever appeared again in the Alfar realm.

To save himself, Leifr needed only get his hands on a certain magic sword and then find the troll's grindstone to sharpen it. But Sorkvir had hidden the grindstone. And the magic sword was hanging on the wal of Sorkvir's throne room!

This was an enjoyable fantasy novel. I am sad to say, I am not fond of the description of the novel on the back of the book. It covers things, but makes me think it is talking to a little kid. I was worried about the age leveling of the book itself after reading it. Not to worry, though, it was well worth my time. A good way to start a new month, with a good book. Especially a fantasy book, I am a very strong fan of learning of new, good fantasy authors.

So, first we have Leifr. He found himself in trouble in his old world, living in fear for his very life, but then a strange man appeared in the form of a begger and offered him a chance to improve his standings. Suddenly, Leifr finds himself in a whole other world, a world that is thought of in dreams and never really believe to actually exist. In this new world, he thinks that he is gaining a chance to be returned to his old world, to a place where he is not in danger, but then things start to happen. He makes friends and has adventures. At first glance the citizenship hates him, but he begins to make things right and improve his standings. Now he is not running for his life, but for the life of the place that Fridmarr called home.

There are many secrets running throughout this novel. Leifr has vague memories from Fridmarr, but for the most part he has no idea what is going to happen to him as he moves from place to place. He is accompanied by Gotiskolker, the begger that put him in this place in the first place, and a wizard that is just coming into his powers, Thurid. Between the three of them, they are creating a safer place and slowly moving towards the expulsion of Sorkvir from their home. The three characters also interact in such a way that offers humour to the novel, normally at Thuris' expense. They are not your likely heroes, but they are easy to like and relate to.

A great new (old?) series to read if you can track it down and enjoy fantasy!



  1. Hey there! Decided to come and say hi! since you've honored my blog with a visit or two.

    Wow you are a more eclectic reader than I. I'm currently hyperfocused on romance - was into straight fantasy/sci fi for many years but switched gears.

    It's kind of fun but all are not written equal. I just read one that has given me emotional nightmares and did not have an HEA - in fact left you hanging..or in this case, ther heroine was about to be hung, but the writer left you with an impression that she might have a slim, like paper thin chance of getting a reprieve, and the reader is left with never knowing. I really despise books like that. It was given to me, so I figured I should read it ... how I wished I hadn't. Ever come across a book that does that to you???

    Anyway, FYI, I've got to make a post about it, but I'm going on blog hiatus until next early next week, so my blog will be a tad stale after awhile.

    Oh! and thanks for putting me on your blogroll! What an honor. :-)

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi!

    Many of the blogs I read are on a romance run, so I am used to it. I read them for the few times that they read something else. :) And sometimes I see a romancey book that I wouldn't mind reading, so it works both ways.

    I hate books that leave you wondering. Some people like them, but I find it annoying. I wonder if there is going to be a sequel. :)

    Anyways, you are welcome that you are on my blogroll. I wouldn't really look at it as an honour, but if that's how you look at it, I hope it brings you more readers.

    Enjoy your blog hiatus!


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