Thursday, August 31, 2006

R.I.P. Challenge

Okay, so I am told that on that very long list there are five books that would fit. Anyone want to point them out for me? Maybe I am thinking too hard.

Well, since I didn't finish The Historian yet, that would count...

Yay, I have one.

And then I was thinking about reading Rebecca by the end of the year, that counts too.

So, now I have two.

Now, what are three others on my monstrous list that count? Because if I am going to read them anyways, this would be a good reason to.

In other news, I just received the prettiest covered book in the world in the mail, but since it is not published yet (technically), I can't talk about it. I was going to read Labyrinth to completion today, but I think I am going to go read this one now. I will just have to read Labyrinth tomorrow. And, I will try and get all my posts caught up tonight, but I am cleaning (blah) and if I stop for too long, I will not finish.


  1. "...but since it is not published yet (technically), I can't talk about it."

    Then what you just talk about it for? LOL! I'm teasing. :-P Hope it's a good read. I've been thinking about putting Rebecca on my list too...

  2. I talked about it, but I didn't say what it was :p People can guess, but I am not revealing until later in the month. I might as well be reading, my cleaning has turned into "dig out classics and make more mess". lol

  3. Hehe. I hear ya. I just bought a bunch of classics over at Amazon yesterday. I've become almost obsessed with reading the classics. I'm sorry I stayed away from them for so long because there are some real gems to be had.

  4. I know, I should read more classics. The classics I do have I paid next to nothing for. A lot of them are yard sale finds. I think the only books I paid any amount for was a complete set of Jane Austen novels. Which I haven't read yet, but they all match! And even they were an amazing find at a second hand store.

  5. How are you liking Historian? I haven't read it, so I'm curious. You're doing better than me - I added 5 books that weren't on my TBR list for carl v.'s challenge. The picture on this post is so fitting!

  6. I am about halfway through. It's a decent read, but not something I felt like I couldn't put down.

  7. I would think the Garth Nix books, the Stephanie Barron books, the Kim Harrison books, Coraline...these all definitely fit in the definition of the challenge as do others I'm sure.


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