Monday, August 28, 2006


I am almost caught up on my reviews. Someone told me last night that they started to read fantasy because I make the books look interesting! Of course I have to catch up after words like that.

I hopefully will read a couple more books by the end of the month. I have books started and ready to go on the reviewing, just a matter of finishing the last few pages!

In a dream world, I would like to finish "The Historian", "Labyrinth", "World Without End", Robb, and Adams by the end of the month. Oh, and "Briar Rose". I am almost done all of them, it is just a matter of sticking to it. If I finish all these it will mean I can start new books next month! So, I will just stay away from the to be read pile until Friday. I can do it. I hope... Anyways, wish me luck.

I have my new computer. It is just a matter of erasing the broken computers harddrive, and taking what I want off it, and then setting up the new computer. That is going to be interesting... (see my list of annoyances, you will see technology on there. I have a thing with computers and it is not a good thing!)

Anyways, just wanted to tell people to be sure to scroll down for the next couple days as I finish up the stragglers for the month. It might look like I have not updated, but I might in fact have.

Oh, and if you look at my blog roll, I have added new sites! Yay. I think it is anything under "Paperback Reader" is either something I forgot to bookmark or new entirely. Be sure and check them out!


  1. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres but I never knew another girl that liked it! I mostly blog about romance or the classics but I've been sneaking a couple of fantasy books here and there hoping to get more women over to the dark side. *cue evil laugh*

    LOL. I am glad I found your blog because I can now yap away!!! LMAO.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that you like New Moon. Over on the Lexicon forum most people complained about the lack of Edward, ergo the lack of romance. Since you and I are used to reading more than romance I am pretty sure you won't mind it either. Not to say that the two of them aren't uberly cute but I think it worked. I didn't find anything else that bothered me a whole lot. Well, except Jacob and another thing but it was small and I don't want to spoil. Overall I say it was awesome.

    Oh, have you read Garth Nix? I'm trying to hold of on reading the two follow ups to Sabriel because they are so good I don't want it to end.

    I'm also holding out on the last Temeraire book for the same reason.

    Oh and I need to finish Rawn's Dragon Prince but I don't want it to end either. I truly suck. LMAO.

  2. I adore fantasy. It is my favourite genre. I could read it and it alone, but I also need variety. :)

    You can yap all you want, I like finding fellow members of the "dark side". :)

    I agree with "New Moon". I read a lot of books where romance doesn't really happen... ever, and romance is my least favourite genre, so I hope it will okay. "Twilight" must have been good, the book store here took forever to get it in, but they actually had several copies of "New Moon" there today. Too bad I bought it elsewhere, oh well.

    I own Sabriel and Lisrael, just haven't read them yet. I also want to read his days of the week series.

    I am holding out on the last Temeraire book too! It is supposed to be a series, though, not a trilogy.

    And, I have Rawn's Dragon Prince to read. I will have to try and read it soon if it is that good. :)

  3. Squeeeee!!!

    Sabriel was very good for me. It was a bit slow when we first meet Sabriel as a teenager but, soon as she crosses over to the Old Kingdom it's a joyride! I LOVED the cat that's not a cat. That was cool! My one pet peeve is that I would have liked to see more of Sabriel's father, the original Abhorsen but, since the book is Sabriel's quest to fin him, well, it's only natural he doesn't show up for most of it. LOL.

    Rawn's book, so far, is awesome! I LOVE her world building and I am realy getting into it. My problem is that I read too fast so I run out of books too soon. That's why, lately, I've been trying to make myself spread the books out.

    I read about Temerarire and I am so glad that there is more to come. Still, I'm holding on to the Black Powder War [if I remember the name correctly] for a few more weeks. It seems the next book won't come out for a while.

    Nix's Keys to the Kingdom...OMG dying to read this! If you get to it first let me know because it sounds so cool and I do love the way he writes.

    Maybe I've asked but my memory fails me. Have you read Anne Bishop's Black Jewels trilogy?

    Oh and have you gotten Fleweling's Nightrunner series? I've read the first two but, again, I'm holding out on the third.

    These people need to write faster! LOL.

  4. I will try and read Sabriel next month on that recommendation. I read fast too... I just sorta collected a lot of books that I have to read, so I don't run out of books...

    Looks like I might try and read Rawn next month too... Have you ever read Elizabeth Haydon? I really really like her. I need to read the next book by her soon. I have them all. I read the first one soooo slow, did not want it to end at all! And then the second one got crowded out.

    I plan to read George R.R. Martin this month, he is supposed to be really good, but I haven't got to him yet.

    Amazon, well the Canadian one at least, has the first Garth Nix novel for 3.99 (in the days of the week series). I plan to get it next time I do amazon shopping.

    I have read the first Black Jewels book. I have the second one ready for next month... next month is going to be busy! lol I really liked the first one. :)

    Oh, and on your glowing recommendations, I have Lynn Flewelling's first book ordered and should get it soon. I was going to read her other trilogy, but you changed my mind!

    Judging by this talk, I think you will like A Great and Terrible Beauty. :)

  5. One of my best friends just loves George R.R. Martin and his Song of Fire and Ice series. He bought me the first book and I really need to start reading it. The problem is that I'm not into these huge, epic, seemingly never-ending fantasy series. I just need to get over my prejudices and do it.

    I too am interested in Garth Nix's Keys to the Kingdom series. They look so interesting sitting on the shelves but I haven't talked to anyone who has read them.

  6. The reason I want to read George R.R. Martin is because he isn't as long as say, Robert Jordan. If I get the first one read and move on with the series I can be ready for when the new one comes out. That's the plan anyways, I rarely follow my plans...

    I have heard lots of good things about Nix's Keys to the Kingdom series. Enough that I have want to read it for a while, I just want to read Sabriel and its sequels first. :)

  7. Kailana, you have a beautiful blog. I will be back for a longer visit.

  8. What a nice thing to say! Thank you!

  9. Oh Mailyn! You know I like fantasy too! I may not be as well read in it yet, but I do enjoy the genre very much...silly girl... :-P


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