Monday, September 04, 2006

Hey Everyone!

I have a computer again. Yay! My boyfriend gave me his old one. The one I used for the rest of the summer sucked, and it wasn't worth fixing. This one is older, but not so old that it doesn't still run really good. I just have to clean it off... And I can't seem to get any sound, but I will figure that out as I go along. I am just glad I have a computer of my own. We get laptops at university, but they are really crappy and die all the time. This way I have this for back up at all times.

Right now I am reading Archangel by Sharon Shinn. It is a very good book, which I would have finished yesterday if it didn't take forever to set this computer up. The actual putting together wasn't that bad, it was more the hooking up to the internet that I had to battle with. But, other than sound, all is working well. I am going to have to get more Sharon Shinn books, I don't have the two books that come after this one and I really want to read them already!

Anyways, now that I have a computer, you should be hearing from me more.

What's everyone reading now?


  1. What a nice boyfriend! I'm happy for you!

    I've started on my R.I.P challenge books. Finished Coraline and am almost finished with the Poe Dupin stories (Murders in the Rue Morgue, Mystery of Marie Roget, The Purloined Letter).

  2. I started my reading challenge too. I read "The Thirteenth Tale"... :)

  3. Hey Kailana... I'm reading Sharon Shinn's Samaria series as well, plus I'm preparing for NaNoWriMo by reading Chris Baty's No Plot? No Problem!.

    Heh... I haven't logged into Blogger in forever, I almost forgot my user name and password. Why don't you allow non-Bloggers to comment?

  4. I should change that. I had it like that back when like no one read my blog! I will fix it.

    Preparing for what? Is that a book?

  5. Awesome boyfriend! I am reading Little Women, The Moonstone and The Dante Club (just started and so far am quite enjoying it).

  6. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month ( It's held in November every year. The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. A crazy goal, I know. I've always wanted to write a novel and I figure something insane like this might just be the push I need.

  7. Oh, one of my friends did that competition one year. I don't know if she finished, she stopped talking about it which makes me think she didn't. But, good luck with it! I remember reading about it on your blog, the acronym just confused me. (Excuse my spelling, just woke up)

  8. Sharon Shinn is a very good writer, any of her books would be worth checking out.


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