Monday, September 18, 2006

Minor Vent

You see these two books in the pictures, they are Poison Study and City of Dreams. I ordered them back in July and finally got them today. How is this a vent? Well, I ordered a third book. It was the book that was going to take 1-3 months to ship, so I got the other two with it just for free shipping. They were books I wanted, but not in a big rush. The other book didn't come. I waited three months for these books for nothing! Isn't that annoying? It is annoying to me. It is one thing if the 1-3 month book comes, it is another thing if I have to wait all this time and get the books without the other. So, that is annoying. The other book is An Assembly Such as This by Pamela Aidan. Hopefully it shows up soon!


  1. I ordered a book from Amazon June 26th and it said 2-3 weeks to ship.... yeah i still haven't got it and no it hasn't been shipped yet.

    And side note. YAY Poison Study!!!

  2. I had the same problem with Amazon, not once but *three* times. In each case they took so long that I canceled and ordered elsewhere - and actually saved money at least one of those times, but one of the books went out of stock at the second place from which I ordered. Poison Study is one of the Luna books, right? I've been hoping to read that one, eventually and I'll look forward to your reviews of both books!

  3. I would use other stores if they were cheaper, but Amazon is really the cheapest store when you take in shipping to Canada.

  4. Man that sucks! I've never had a problem with Amazon. So far. Let's hope my luck holds out. LOL.

  5. Oh but I loved City of Dreams though. That was a great read. Hope you like it!

    And hope that other book comes soon. That's enough to wreck the enjoyment of the others! How annoying!

  6. I just got a box of books in the mail... it made up for it. :)


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