Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I bought myself a present....

Today was my busiest week of school until November, and I decided that I was going to get me a treat. So, I went to the bookstore and got:


It is not available in the US... It is a 4-in-1 book, made up of:

When I mean, not available, I mean that the 4-in-1 book is not out. And, I guess all four of them used to be available everywhere, but she is rewriting them, so they are all being rereleased. Taking until 2008. So, all 4 are out in Canada, but they are not all the "new" version.


  1. Ohh I have a friend who might like that...

    Speaking of things available in Canada have you seen this? I saw it in a bookstore awhile ago and I kinda want it...

  2. That looks wonderful!

  3. Oh I'm jealous! Can't wait for the pics. :-)

  4. I'm trying. They are not cooperating!

  5. Oh, and yes, Sassymonkey. I got it at Costco for relatively cheap. :)

  6. They are awesome covers!!! Really nice... I wish my Costco would have it. (I can keep on dreaming tho.)

  7. Anonymous8:35 PM

    heya! I too love OR Melling. Good choices.

    you were at my other blog ( A fair substitute for heaven) and asked about kenneth oppel. They are beautiful stories for adults or young adults. They are set in an almost Victorianesque setting/ fantasy world and have lots of romance and adventure. Think Jules Verne.

    They are literate and fun and have won ions of awards.

    Kenneth Oppel was once a sort-of pupil of Roald Dahl's, so you know the writing is top notch.

    Anyhoo, check them out ( after you have finished reading all of this amazing canlit!! Donna Morrisey included !! )

    ;) Rachel


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