Monday, October 02, 2006

This and That

Remember all those pretty book pictures? Well, I mentioned there were spoon racks behind them... I am going to have a long like month ahead of me, because the spoons are so badly tarnished they are black (certain ones). I have a set of the prime ministers up until Trudeau... they are scary looking. I grabbed some silver polish to see just how bad they are. Trudeau is currently silver, while the rest of the set is brown. This is the problem with not being able to see my spoons.

Anyways, sharing moment. The reason I collect spoons? They were my grandmothers. When she died, they were the only thing in her house I wanted. The thing that shocked me was I got them. My grandmother loved her spoons and I thought there would be a fight over them. Nope. I spent forever cleaning them when I first got them, and I used to pay special attention to them, but then I ran out of wall space and they got buried. The reason they came back to the surface today? Flea Market! 62 spoons for a very awesome deal. I was cleaning them, and I got to thinking about my own and how I was going to rearrange them. Stupid me did not think about how dirty my own spoons were... I am going to try find a better place for them so they are not out of sight, and well, out of mind... I suppose if I do a rack a day that will be good. I could sit down and do all of them, but MY GOD silver polish STINKS! Some of them are really bad.

Carrying on, yesterday was my birthday thing with my friends. I got two books: The Owl and Moon Cafe by Jo-Anne Mapson and Around the Next Corner by Elizabeth Wrenn. A gift certificate, two CDs, and a book by a friend of my boyfriends, which I will say more on when I have actually read it. I actually started and almost finished The Owl and Moon Cafe today. I needed some senseless reading in an attempt to get me reading again. This seemed to do the trick.

I don't talk about music very often, but I just wanted to say that in the last couple months Iron Maiden and Blind Guardian came out with new CDs that I have to say I am enjoying very much. That is my music of choice of late.


  1. I used to collect spoons!

  2. I like my spoons. Have you ever cleaned them with tooth paste before?

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I know I'm a day early, but this way I'm covered if something inexplicably happens to me in the next 14 hours. LOL

    My mom collects spoons. It started when my dad was travelling, he'd pick her up a spoon wherever he went.

    I've read two Jo-Ann Mapsons. Hank & Chloe and Loving Chloe. I thought they were excellent. Horses are featured in both of them because Chloe is a horseback rider. I recommend them.

  4. It seems like spoon collecting has gone out of fashion - I don't know anyone 'our age' who does it. Your post reminded me that I have my mother's set. I looked through them a couple years ago and one of the most memorable is a souvenir one for Charles and Diana's marriage. I used to get her a spoon from the places I'd visited and those were in there, too.

  5. I know, my spoons are very "uncool" by today's standards, but I just can't put them in a box and forget about them. I don't actively collect them anyways, just have them hanging on the wall. Every so often I add to them, like I did recently. The people I know with spoons have them put away in boxes. I am of the sort that if you need to put something in "storage", why keep it? That's just me, though.

  6. Happy belated birthday! I hope when you get your spoon collection polished and arranged where you want you'll post a picture. I would love to see it. My sister has a spoon collection.


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