Friday, November 10, 2006


Deb, over at Chappy's Mom, was saying that calendar pictures for the month of November are usually pretty dull, so she has a competition of sorts where you post your calendar pics. So, here are the two calendars I own with their November pictures:

I personally really like the dogs, it is one of my favourite pictures from that calendar.


  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Cute. I have a Jack Russell Terrier calendar. But the picture isn't that great. :P The October picture is cuter.

  2. Anonymous8:11 PM

    I have a water conservation calendar so the pictures aren't pretty!!!

  3. Fun idea. Just posted mine. :)

  4. Thankfully mine, at least in my opinion, are far from boring. I had already posted these, one here:

    and the other here (first image after the jump):

  5. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Mine for this month aren't that bad. Last month was the one that sucked for two out of my three calanders. This month though, I have a nice wolf picture in my wolf calander. Its one taken in the snow. Then I have picture of a jazz player playing outside a resturant in the french quarter in my New Orleans one. And my in my french impressionism calander its one of Degas's ballet paintings.


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