Sunday, December 03, 2006

I know I posted today already....

.... but, I have to post and say that I am very much in love with Paullina Simons' writing. Her novels have a good setting, Second World War Russia, but I was worried about the romance element to theml. I will read books with romance in them, but with myself not really being into the majority of the romance world, I was worried that there would be too much. I will say there was about a hundred pages in The Bronze Horseman where I thought there was just a tad too much... but, when you do not read it that much, it is not over-loading. Everyone, I have to say, needs a little romance from time to time. It is all about, for me, the romance being written correctly.

These books are written correctly. I just sat here and read 150 pages out of Tatiana and Alexander, and I am so taken with it, it is hard to not go back to it. Who was it that picked up Gone with the Wind during their December exam week? I am not sure if it is someone that reads my blog, but I remember reading that somewhere in blogland. are like that for me. Tomorrow I will be studying astronomy and taking breaks to see what is happening to them. I could probably go to bed right now and read the ENTIRE book, but... I really shouldn't. I like this one better than The Bronze Horseman, but only by a little. I know, I still owe a review for it, but I will just post them together. The rate I am going, I might be talking about the entire trilogy by the end of the month.

But, I have to say, the TYPOS! There is a page where all the sentences run together. There are no spaces. You have no idea how much that annoys me. It is not all the sentences, but enough that I want a different copy of the book. I know, I'm crazy, but I know worse people than me.


  1. Re those scenes in Bronze Horseman. I saw an interview with Paulina Simons and she explained they were to create a juxtopostion between the crowded life of no privacy back in Lenningrad, and the indulegent(my word) level that Tatiana and Alexander now had.

    Keep reading there is more great stuff to come.

  2. No one pays copyeditors anymore, hence all of the typos.

    It really detracts from the book, unfortunately.

    The Bronze Horseman sounds fascinating. I am very interested in Russian history...think this is another TBR, oh dear.

  3. You really should read the trilogy. I like book 2 better than book 1, but only by a bit. It is likely because the first book is told from Tatiana's point of view, but in book two there are more perspectives.

    And, it's a shame that editing books has become so meaningless. You pay full price for a book, the least they can do is make it readable.

  4. ugh. that would drive me nuts too.


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