Sunday, April 01, 2007

Amelia Earhart

Today I decided that I was going to read a historical fiction book that I have had waiting for me for quite some time, I Was Amelia Earhart by Jane Mendelsohn. It is really short, and I am pretty much almost done, but it got me thinking about what happened to her and all that, and then the weirdest thing happened. The author of Nefertiti, Michelle Moran, has a blog where she posts articles on historical stuff that is being discovered and researched and such, and today, she posted about the very subject that I was thinking about: Amelia Earhart. So, in spirit of the fact that I am reading a fiction book about her, here is the link to the article on Michelle's blog. I think her blog is interesting anyways, she saves people interested in this sort of stuff from having to search for it themselves. Anyone have any thoughts on Earhart? I have always been interested in what happened to her, but I have stayed away from the non-fiction accounts because they are just theories. Until anything is known for sure, they are not all that much more reliable than a novel. Although, I have to say my favourite theory has always been the alien abduction. I will be looking forward to hearing if they find out anything more if they get enough funding for their expedition in July!

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  1. Wow, thank you for posting a link to my blog. It's under reconstruction, but in a week or so it is coming back prettier and better than ever!! And I've long been fascinated by Amelia Earhart too, so that when I saw the article I knew I had to post it even though my blog was *supposed* to be down! What a terrifying idea that she was a castaway that might have been saved...


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