Monday, April 16, 2007

I won a Book!

Is that getting monotonous? It isn't for me! I love books in any shape or size, so getting to experience new authors is always a big treat for me. So, when Nath posted on Twisted Kingdom that Rene Lyons was guest blogging on Sanctuary's Finest, I decided to head over there and see what was going on. I have had Rene on my tbr list. I know, she really is not in my normal genre field, but I will break out of the comfort zone once in a while (J.D. Robb for example), and since she both makes appearances on my blog and joined in on the Bloggers Ten Books You Cannot Live Without Thing, I am all about the support. Long story short, I signed up for a draw for her new book, and I won a free e-book version. I will be reading it in the next couple days century, and then I will let everyone know what I thought about it. Thanks Rene for the book, I am looking forward to reading it! It's also very fitting that there is a TNA wrestler as the cover model, because I know who the author is, and Tom knew who the wrestler was. The way people connect. (And the look that Tom gave me when I told him why I was talking about said wrestler.)

Anyways, thanks Rene! I look forward to reading this book!


  1. Congrats!!

    Oh, and I know what the Fedex package was now. It's Mr Darcy's Diary!

  2. I keep winning books at my writer's group (all by members of our group) which I'm so thrilled to get and then I have to pry open the bonds of time in order to read them. I should stop putting my name in but I can't help myself! And it's always so exciting to finally read the work of the other members.

  3. Anonymous11:12 PM

    That next century thing had me laughing.

    Guess I'll just have to keep stalking you until the review goes up.

    *Oh Lord, please let her like the book!*

  4. I am rather behind on my reviews... I'll try and catch up!


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