Monday, April 16, 2007

I won a Book!

Is that getting monotonous? It isn't for me! I love books in any shape or size, so getting to experience new authors is always a big treat for me. So, when Nath posted on Twisted Kingdom that Rene Lyons was guest blogging on Sanctuary's Finest, I decided to head over there and see what was going on. I have had Rene on my tbr list. I know, she really is not in my normal genre field, but I will break out of the comfort zone once in a while (J.D. Robb for example), and since she both makes appearances on my blog and joined in on the Bloggers Ten Books You Cannot Live Without Thing, I am all about the support. Long story short, I signed up for a draw for her new book, and I won a free e-book version. I will be reading it in the next couple days century, and then I will let everyone know what I thought about it. Thanks Rene for the book, I am looking forward to reading it! It's also very fitting that there is a TNA wrestler as the cover model, because I know who the author is, and Tom knew who the wrestler was. The way people connect. (And the look that Tom gave me when I told him why I was talking about said wrestler.)

Anyways, thanks Rene! I look forward to reading this book!


  1. Congrats!!

    Oh, and I know what the Fedex package was now. It's Mr Darcy's Diary!

  2. I keep winning books at my writer's group (all by members of our group) which I'm so thrilled to get and then I have to pry open the bonds of time in order to read them. I should stop putting my name in but I can't help myself! And it's always so exciting to finally read the work of the other members.

  3. That next century thing had me laughing.

    Guess I'll just have to keep stalking you until the review goes up.

    *Oh Lord, please let her like the book!*

  4. I am rather behind on my reviews... I'll try and catch up!


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