Monday, April 23, 2007

Look What I Found!

I was browsing the bookstore and on the new releases shelf I found a book that I was tempted to buy like RIGHT there, but I really do not have the money to pay full price for hardcovers. The sad truth. So, that means an amazon order! I plan to order it either tonight or tomorrow morning. This is the book I am all excited about:
From amazon, this is what it is about:

While the story of the Bluenose—her legendary speed and the famous races she won over the years—has often been told, Witch in the Wind explores the history of the Bluenose from a fresh new perspective. In Witch in the Wind, Marq de Villiers examines the history of this famous vessel against the social and economic backdrop of the east coast Atlantic shipping and fishing industries that spawned her. Unlike any previous examination of the Bluenose, de Villiers contextualizes the birth and death of this celebrated ship with rise of industrialization and the decline of the Age of Sail, and the impact of these changes on generations of families whose way of life depended on the sea. Witch in the Wind is an evocative journey into previously untold backstory of the Bluenose, exploring the place that built her, the men who sailed her and the industry that gave rise to her. De Villiers takes readers deep into the heart of Canadian maritime history, giving new life to the long-standing legend of the magnificent Bluenose.
It's one of the aspects of history I am interested in, our sea-faring past. I know the majority of my readers are not Canadian, but this excited me and I had to share. I promise I will get back to doing some quality posting soon. I have been REALLY busy lately.


  1. I watched a documentary on the Bluenose and, pathetic as I am, I cried at the way she ended. What a shame.

  2. So okay, I this has something to do with Canada ^^; could you tell me more a bit?

  3. Nath- Not sure about the book. But if you ever see a Canadian dime, the Bluenose is the ship pictured there. The Bluenose was a schooner and a racing ship. She was undefeated. But then after the Age of Sail, she was unwanted and neglected. She ended up sinking while hauling fish (I think).

    Google Bluenose, there should be lots.

  4. Oh, oh, oh! I have to get this book!

    Hey, did you ever read Bluenose Ghosts by Helen Creighton? Completly unrelated to the schooner of course. I loved that book when I was a kid.

  5. I am excited about that book, too. I haven't bought it yet, but I will. :)

    And, yes, I have read Bluenose Ghosts. I have read lots of those sorts of books. They are interesting reads. :)


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