Sunday, May 13, 2007

Back Again

It's offical, I graduated a few hours ago! Thanks to everyone for their congrats, I was pretty excited about the whole thing. It's scary to reach a point where you are not labeled by your schooling. People ask you to tell them about you, you say you are a freshman or in grade 10, etc. Now, I have to think of something else to say!

Overall, the ceremony was not bad. They have been doing this for a while (we were the 165th graduating class, with my school being founded in 1836), so even when it looked disorganized to us, they seemed to know what they were doing. My advice after four years of university? Do not live off-campus. It is very hard to make lasting friendships because most friendships are made in residence becaues you are thrown together with these people. It does not work well. I know lots of people from my graduating class, but good friends, there are only a few, and even them I am not sure I will really talk to a lot.

Anyways, the ceremony was a tad bit old-fashioned, but the president of the university right now is a woman, so that is revolutionary. She is only the second! We also were the largest class to ever graduate from Acadia, so we made history.

I started this post like two hours ago, but I got distracted. I got a gift card for Amazon, and was sort of lost in book world. I have no will-power. Remember the Bluenose book I wanted? I noticed it took a while to ship on Amazon, so I deleted it and placed the order... then I went to Chapters to see how long it took on there, and well, ended up buying three books on there too to get free shipping. So, looks like I bought myself three books. Let's not talk about it... What did I buy all together? Thanks for asking, I will share:

From Amazon I got:
Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood by Alexandra Fuller
- This is why I was on Amazon while writing this post in the first place, because this charming author recieved an honourary degree from Acadia today. She talked, and I bought her book. Have to support my local graduates, right? (haha, yeah, right, like I need an excuse).

Canada: a Portrait in Letters, 1800-2000 by Charlotte Gray
- This book just sounded different, and I need something different history-wise once in a while. I have looked at it before in a brick and mortar store, but now I finally bought it.

Witch Child by Celia Rees
-This is one of the books that I added to replace the book about the Bluenose. I have heard about it on the blogosphere and decided today was the day to buy it.

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor
- Same as above.

All in Together Girls by Kate Sutherland
- I am not a huge fan of short story collections, but I read her blog and I have been meaing to buy her book since it came out a couple weeks ago, but this is my first chance.

Then, over to chapters...

Witch In The Wind: The True Story Of The Legendary Bluenose
- The reason I was on Chapters in the first place.

Always Fresh: The Untold Story Of Tim Hortons By The Man Who Created A Canadian Empire
- I have been meaning to get this book since it came out because it is about Tim Hortons, and that is a big industry around here. What surprised me is that it is not about Tim Horton, it is about his partner who is from my neck of the woods, so I am curious what he has to say about everything.

Scribbling The Cat by Alexandra Fuller
- The other two books were plenty, but this book was in the bargain bin for 5 bucks. I had planned to wait and get it later, but I couldn't turn down the great price!


  1. Congratulations on graduating!

    I do like to hear about book shopping gone wild. It makes me feel so much less alone in my addiction and lack of will (or rather won't-buy) power.

  2. Oh... a book shopping spree!

  3. It's sorta like eating potato chips... you can't eat just one! lol.
    It's such fun and exciting to buy books..and somehow so guilty! (but that's gotten over fast!)

    congrats on graduation! (it's nice to pick out your own pressie's!)

  4. Congrats on graduating Kailana!!!

    I can't remember when I last went on a book shopping spree. I have so many TBR's I have valiantly been holding off buying any more!

    I read a long review of "Always Fresh" in the Macleans magazine a couple of months ago and I was quite taken with the story...I think you'll enjoy the book!

  5. Glad you got through it!

    I ordered books online yesterday too. I'll blog about them later.

    "Always Fresh" lol. I should buy that for my Mom. She works at a Timmy's.

  6. Congratulations!! Doesn't it feel good? :)

  7. Hey! Congratulations! When's the party....or is it an ongoing event?!?

  8. Congrats on graduating! That's awesome!

    Sounds like you have a great batch of books on the way as well.

  9. Congrats on finishing. Acadia? I've never been to the Valley, but I hear it is just beautiful.
    *old lady voice* What are you doing now? Enjoy your summer.

  10. Congratulations on graduating!

    If one more person mentions The Looking-Glass Wars I am simply going to have to buy a copy!


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