Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Huntress by Susan Carroll

For those, like me, wondering what this book is about because none of the the book sites (last I checked) had an info, someone filled me in on my comments and I thought I would share.

FYI – found this via Google search
( :
“Ms. Carroll launched a new series with the publication of the The Dark Queen , The Courtesan, and The Silver Rose set during the turbulent days of the French Renaissance. A blend of history, magic, romance and intrigue, these books relate the saga of the Cheney sisters, three women of extraordinary abilities who live in constant peril of being accused of witchcraft. The novels combine fictional characters with real events and personages such as the enigmatic Catherine de Medici and the lusty Henry of Navarre. The fourth book in this series, The Huntress is slated to be released in summer of ’07.”
And this from
“Susan Carroll, The Huntress, Ballantine (Catriona O'Hanlon, a pagan Irishwoman accused of witchcraft, must foil a plot against Queen Elizabeth)"
I am excited to learn that this book is related to the last three books, and hopeful it will both be good and promising for more books in the series.


  1. I have to admit to getting a bit of a thrill when I read this. I had no idea there was another book planned in this series. I thought there were only 3 sister so I'm wondering whose story this will be. Thanks for posting.

  2. I have known she was going to have a new book for a couple of months, but the info on what it was about was not provided, so I have been waiting very impatiently to see if the subject was going to interest me. I am very happy to know what it is about because I was only truly expecting a trilogy, and now we get a series!

  3. I really did enjoy her trilogy, so I"m looking forward to reading this as well.

  4. noriko12:03 AM

    ohhh looking on the web I found susan's website, I supose it's new, and it has a summary for the huntress
    The year is 1585 and prophecy has foretold the coming of a Daughter of the Earth whose powers are so extraordinary, she could usurp the Dark Queen herself, Catherine de Medici. Caitlin O’Hanlon known as the Huntress must find this mysterious young girl and shield her from those who would exploit her mystic abilities which have the potential to change the course of history.


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