Sunday, May 27, 2007

More Pictures From Nova Scotia

Since my Thursday Thirteen was mildly popular, I thought I would share more pictures. I took some of the net, but I have some of my own that I might hunt down and post in the future.

First up is the Bluenose II, the schooner that is one of our most popular features. The original is found on our dime

Before the Cat, this was the ferry that sailed between Nova Scotia and Maine. My father actually worked on this boat until 1997 when it was retired and The Cat arrived. The boat, last I heard, was still running somewhere foreign. It was also known as the Bluenose.

This is a picture of the Church at Grand Pre. The statue you see is Evangeline. She is the female lead in a poem that Longfeller wrote about the deportation of the Acadians. It is a love poem, really. Many French communities have festivals where the leaders of the events are Evangeline and Gabriel, the lovers from the poem.

This is a picture of the waterfront in Lunenburg. In many ways it reminds me of the waterfront in Yarmouth because those red buildings are sort of a staple of fishing towns in this province. Lunenburg used to be a ship-building town, but Confederation was a contributing factor to the death of ship-building in Nova Scotia. It is not an impossible thing to consider that maybe joining Canada did not really work out for Nova Scotians, but it all depends on how you look at it.

This is the lighthouse in Yarmouth. Most people have seen Peggy's Cove light because I really think it is credited with being the most photographed either lighthouse or tourist attraction in general in the world, but do not quote me on that. It was years before I saw Peggy's Cove in person, but I grew up with this lighthouse. My grandmother informs me that in the summer it is a restauant, so that might be something that people would want to check out. Eating in a lighthouse.

And that is just some more of the wonderful things that you can see in Nova Scotia. I feel like a tour guide. haha

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  1. Kailana, I love your Nova Scotia posts. I'm learning so much. Thank-you.


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