Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

With the meme going around about what people may not know about you, it made me think of good Thursday Thirteen. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, and while there are times that the smallness of it is restricting on jobs and having a future, I still have lots of things that I really like about it. So, Thirteen Things I like about my province. It will probably be from a historical point of view.

1. Fortress Louisbourg
- I went here when I was ten, and I thought it was amazing. It was built for a very violent part of history, but it was a huge enterprise and they have restored it really well. I really want to go back now that I am older, but in the meantime, I enjoy this aspect of Canadian history.

2. Grand Pre
- They may have been deported and it may represent a very dreary part of history. I say this about the Acadians. If you do not who they are, they were stuck in the middle of a conflict between the French and the English. We are one of the oldest part of the "new world".

3. Yarmouth Lighthouse
- I get really mad that they have changed this more than necessary, but this is one of the nicest lighthouses I have seen. The oldest lighthouse in, I want to say North America (but I might be wrong), is in Cape Breton. (When I say changed, they took out the fog horn because it made too much noise! Stupid politicians, it's a FOG HORN!)

4. Peggy's Cove
- This is like the most photographed thing in the world. It has a nice location, but I think it is a little overdone. That is not to say that I really do not enjoy it. It is also a memorial to the Swiss Air Flight and there is a little area dedicated to that tragedy.

5. The Citadel
- This fort is nice, but I have been there so many times over the years that I know it is as well as the people that work there. I remember one time I went with my parents and I was in like elementary school. The tour person asked questions to make it more interactive, and I was the only one that knew the answers. Makes me wonder what people learn nowadays.

6. The Alexander Graham Bell Museum
- He invented the PHONE. How would we get by without it? And, even the outside of the building and the nature around it is wonderful. I still remember it and I have not been here since I was ten.

7. Ross Farm
- This is pretty cool. It is an actual working farm from about the 18th century. There is no modern technology, they all dress in period clothes, and it is actually functioning as it would have. It is open year round, and was an interesting experience.

8. The Firefighter's Museum
- This is pretty cool. Last checked, it was the only one in the world, and after 9/11, it is an important museum to have. My grandfather was actually one of the founding members because he was a firefighter, so it was pretty cool to tell people that when I was a kid.

9. The Bluenose II
- This boat is very important to the country as a whole. Originally built in what was a vying boat building industry in Lunenburg, it is a pretty cool thing to see. It travels all over during the summer, and I have seen it a bunch of times in various ports. Confederation destroyed the ship-building industry, so this is an important part of our past.

10. Lunenburg
- I LOVE Lunenburg. The whole town is a National Historical Site because all the buildings are very classic and historical. Combine that with the water and you have a very quaint town to visit and enjoy.

11. Sherbrooke Village
- I have never actually been here yet because it is in a weird part of the province in relation to me, but I want to go so bad. It is an actual working historical village, and it sounds like it would be an experience. Maybe this summer!

12. Port Royale
- The Fort is not as impressive as Louisbourg, but it is the oldest town in Canada, so it is an important place to visit. Annapolis Royal is also a lovely town to visit.

13. So many other places... But, I will leave this to grow on.


  1. Of course I'm going to agree with you! hehe. I've never been to the Firefighter's Museum. A place I haven't been but want to go is The Museum of the Atlantic. I also love the Cabot Trail (not on your list). And go to Louisbourg again. You'll love it all over again.

  2. Oh it sounds so beautiful. Lunenburg and the firefighter's museum sound like a place I'd love to visit.

  3. Chris: You should go to the Firefighter's Museum. It is pretty cool to see the old technology. I have been to the Museum of the Atlantic, it is really cool. I ran out of room... I see a part two in my history! And, the Cabot Trail is one of the most beautiful things to see, but I was staying with human-created things. :)

    homemom3: It is a beautiful province, I am very happy to live here most of the time.

  4. Oh, now you've made me a bit homesick ... :)

    Great list!

  5. Kailana, I think Nova Scotia is a must visit. You make it sound so lovely. Have you ever heard of the Gaelic College in or around N. Sydney? I guess they do a celtic program on Wed nights in the summer that are pretty awesome. Ever heard about those?

    I'm looking forward to part II of this TT.

  6. Another wonderful thing about nova scotia is the plethora of brilliant bookstores in Halifax.

    JWD books on Barrington is one of the best bookstore I have ever been on.

    Oh, and some guy decked up as Jack Sparrow kept walking past the window where I was sitting at the Starbucks on Springgarden last week.

    I am a huge fan of Mahone Bay.

  7. booklogged: That's the Gaelic College in St Ann's Bay. Here's a link:

  8. Lesley: Sorry I made you homesick, you might have to come home for a visit. :)

    booklogged: I have always wanted to learn how to speak Gaelic, there was even a time where my school was going to offer it but it got cancelled. I am already thinking up more for part two. :)

    melrose plant: JWD is like the greatest bookstore... I could probably make a Thursday Thirteen about great second hand stores in Nova Scotia. That's an idea.

    Chris: Thanks for answering bookloggeds question.

  9. Wow, it sounds wonderful. I really hope visit that part of the world some day.

  10. melrose plant, I walked past that guy, too! Noticed of course that no one blinked to see a pirate passing them on the street. He's on a commercial for Tourism Nova Scotia, about the Tall Ships coming in July. (Yippee)

    Kailana, I love your TT! I lived in Yarmouth for two years (1999-2001) and didn't manage to get into the Firefighter's Museum, though I passed it often, walking along Main Street. Probably on my way to Toots's to look at the magazines.

  11. It really does sound like a beautiful place. One of these days I'd love to visit. Right now, I'm in over my head with a lot of things. Work is really bad right now. I haven't even had a chance to get online lately.

    Hope things are going ok for you!


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