Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Ratings and Thoughts on an Event from the Weekend

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I am not surprised, I try and avoid "bad" words.

I also have to say that something rather horrible happened over the weekend. I am not a huge wrestling fan, but one of the heroes of lots of my male friends died in what they are saying was a double murder-suicide. It was strange, I was at Tom's and he was saying how the wrestler was supposed to win a title belt on Sunday but he was not there because of a family emergency. Then, like two seconds later he said he was not there because he was dead.

Anyways, the wrestler was Chris Benoit. Tom was really sad because he grew up watching Benoit on television. I never understand this stuff, it seems rather hard to believe that this man who always showed that he loved his family and was happy in his career is now believed to have spent the weekend killing his family. Although, there are two other children that apparently were not present. Normally this is not something that I would dwell on, but I spent all day yesterday hearing about it. These things are just crazy, whether they happen to someone you know or complete strangers. I guess it will be a while before all the details are known. To read some of the story, if anyone is interested, click here

I also wonder if he really did do it, what would that do for his reputation. Will people understand that some people have problems that are undiagnosed and these things happen to the most unlikely people or will everyone that loved him for the great wrestler that he was hate him now...


  1. I'm kinda surprised that I hadn't heard about that yet since a couple of the guys in my office watch wrestling a lot. It's sad, he was a good wrestler and I always enjoyed watching him.

  2. Kristina1:57 PM

    Yikes! He's from my hometown. I haven't watched the news yet, but I assume it will be a big story here. Wrestling is huge in Alberta.

    That's really sad. Those wrestlers have a lot of violence in their lives. Many of them have ended up dead in the last few years. I've no doubt that the steroids and drugs they use to beef themselves up probably messed with their hormones and contributed to these tragedies.

    Really unfortunate, especially about his son. Sad sad sad.

  3. I try and avoid using bad words away, but apparently murder, pain and hell are bad! Might as well start using the others!

  4. I was so shocked to read this in the newspaper this morning. It's awful. :(

  5. Awful, awful news! My family are huge wrestling fans and always thought that Chris Benoit is one of the good guys. Still can't believe it... :o(

  6. I'm rated R. WTF?! (That's probably why) I occasionally use swear words but I thought nothing worse than PG. Nothing you wouldn't hear on daytime TV.

  7. Seeing other people's ratings I am actually surprised by my rating. Words that get picked up on other blogs, I use,and nothing happened.


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