Saturday, June 02, 2007

My Weekend

Seventy-five years ago, people in the area that I call home discovered that we have a lot of apple blossoms, so why not exploit them as a tourist attraction and event for a relatively quiet area. This lead to the formation of the Apple Blossom Festival in 1933. According to the offical web site, the Festival originally was to
make the Valley's apple industry better known throughout North America and Europe; to publicize the scenic beauty of the area and the historic background of Longfellow's Land of Evangeline; and to provide an opportunity to foster and develop local talent through participation in festival events.
Some of the things that happen at the Festival are there is Queen Annapolisa, the first one being crowned in 1933. So, I guess that makes the one this year the 75th queen. The princesses that the queen is chose from come from several towns in the area that are known for their apples. On Friday night, there are fireworks, which are seriously suffering. Sources tell me that it is because Michelin has a new environmental plan and they cannot justify putting money into fireworks that pollute the air. Whether or not that is true, I have no idea, but that is what I have been told. I know that last nights were so low to the ground that you had to be right there to see them, and I think they were more about noise than decent to look at.

There are other things that happen as well. One of the big attractions is the two parades that happen on Saturday. The first is a children's parade followed by the Grand Street parade. According to the web site the parade has never been cancelled, but it goes on in the worst weather and people still come out! I speak from experience.

I did not go to the parade this year, but I went to some of the events and there are still a few things going on tomorrow like a Family Fun Day and a Duck Race. I had the worst time finding pictures of the actual area. I have some, but not from this year and not on my computer. I think I might have to go take some apple blossom and orchard pictures tomorrow!

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  1. I just have to say that I LOVE parades. I'd probably be one of the people going out in the bad weather to see it! I haven't seen a parade in forever but they are truly one of my favorite things on the planet.


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