Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Twisted Kingdom Giveaway!

Ladies and Gents, if you head on over to Twisted Kingdom right now you will get a very unique oppurtunity: the chance to win a new book! And, not just any book, a book that will not even be out in advanced reading copy until the fall and will not be on the bookshelves until February! Do I have your attention, some of you may even have already figured out what it is already, but if you have not, we are giving away a copy of the third book in Colleen Gleason's fantastic series! To learn all the details head on over to Twisted Kingdom. Best of luck in the drawing to everyone! Also, be sure and pick up your copy of Rises the Night which is in bookstores now (I got my copy today). The contest closes on July 10th.

Stay tuned on TK, though, I also will be interviewing author Rene Lyons this week, and she will be guest blogging (and she made mention of some sort of prize as well!) A great week all around on TK!

Did you read this down to the bottom? If you did, you are tagged! To achieve the rules of the tag, all you have to do is post about this contest on your blog and link back to TK!

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