Monday, July 23, 2007

My Challenge

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So, it is Thursday already, and I have not brought up my idea for my challenge. My idea is for the challenge to be The Challenge Yourself Challenge. The object is that each month that you wish to participate, you challenge yourself to do something that you have been putting off, have never done before, are dreading, just never thought of, etc. and then at the end of the month you post about your success rate. You can also make a challenge in advance, say by December I will lose 5 pounds or finish that chunskter sitting on my nightstand, and then that is your challenge for December. I have found that people are actually more comfortable with the faceless people on the internet, so you may be more likely to succeed at things you have been failing at with the aid of your fellow bloggers. You do not have to say at the beginning of the month what your challenge is, but you can. Then, at the end, you just post about it and then I think I will have a Mr. Linky, but if not, just post a link in the comments. Some months, I might put a challenge out there for people to do, and other people can do the same. If you want to do something and need a little moral support, you can challenge others to do your challenge too so that you have a support team. So, are people interested? The best thing about it is that you do not have to do it every month, it's not a reading challenge, but only when you want to. Just comment if you are interested. I will make a final decision about whether to go forward on Monday, and then I would like to start August 1st if there are enough interested parties.


  1. I'd be interested! sounds really interesting and ehmm challenging:) I already have an idea for what I should do...

  2. I think it's a great idea. I probably wouldn't be able to participate every month, but there are definitely things every now and then I could use extra motivation to do.

  3. Count me in! This will be a way for me to make myself get some things done.


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