Friday, August 17, 2007

A Letter... and Some Thoughtful Bloggers

Dear Mother Nature,

Last year we did not have a single thunderstorm, but this year you have decided that we are going to have one at least every week, sometimes for days in a row. Now, I am not one to go against nature, I think that thunderstorms are cool like everyone else, but the summer is waning and soon the snow will be flying. In order to survive 6 months of blasted cold weather, we need to have something known as a summer. What does a summer entail? You seem to think days and days of rain, as it rained most of May and June, we had some passable weather in July, and now we are back to rain. If you insist on raining and having thunderstorms, can you please pay a visit to the power station and find out why out of an entire TOWN, the exact same streets have lost power for hours during the last few storms. This includes my house, it means sitting in the dark even after the very cool storm has passed. (And, I will most heartily agree that last nights storm was very impressive.) It would be nice if the nice power people did their jobs during the 'looking like it is going to rain' periods and figured out why we keep losing power. They seem to need some help, nothing dangerous, just impressive would be most appreciated.


Someone Who Misses When Summer Had Sun

On that note, Stephanie awarded me a "Thoughtful Blogger" Award and I have been lax in awarding it. Since I keep saying if I read your blog, there is obviously a reason for it, I am going to try and award people that have not been awarded yet.

Melrose Plant from A Fair Substitute for Heaven
Booklogged from A Reader's Journal
Clare from Confessions of a Book Addict
Deanna from My Tragic Right Hip
Zeek from The Way I See It

There we are, blogs that I have not seen nominated elsewhere.


  1. hey thanks woman! Somedays are more thoughtful than others ...

  2. Congrats! You are thoughtful!

    And yep, at 5am, thunder & lightning. My dog peed on the futon. I was not happy.

  3. Not a problem :) It was a thoughtful gesture, though, right? And I am thoughtful afterall. lol

  4. Chris: omg, that's terrible! You must have got the storm after us because it went through here at 2 AM.

  5. Hope Mother Nature hears your pleas! I understand... We had rain all of June and July. That's so not Texas weather.

    And, yes, congrats on the thoughtful blogger award. very well deserved :)

  6. Congratulations on the award! Like you, I put off passing it on because so many of the people I'd want to nominate had already been nominated.

    As for the weather, it's been the same here. This is the coldest, rainiest summer I can remember.

  7. congratulations on your award!

    think your note will help any with the storms??? If it works let me know and I'll borrow it! heh.

  8. iliana: We have had more rain than anything else this summer. Thanks, you are a thoughtful blogger too.

    Nymeth: Yeah, I was trying to be different. Same here on the weather, it hasn't got over-whelmingly warm lately and we have had lots of rain.

    DesLily: I can hope, but I somehow doubt it.

  9. Thanks so much for the thoughtfulness thought. Much appreciated.

  10. Kailana, Congrats on being a thoughtful blogger and thank-you for nominating me. I'm sorry about all your rain. Too much of any one thing gets to be a drag after awhile. We've been pretty hot in Utah, but today it's raining when we have the sewer line dug up. Go figure.

  11. You two are both thoughtful, so it was an easy decision. :)

    And it is raining here today, as well. Go figure. I guess my letter failed :(

  12. Congratulations on the award!


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