Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ramblings on a Movie

I was trying to write this post, and I could not find the words. I sort of live inside my head, everything makes sense up there, it is when I try to vocalize it that nothing comes out the way I wanted it to at all. Tonight, I finally saw Bridge to Terabithia. My sister saw it and she did not like it at all, but I loved it. So much so that after I watched it, I went to the store and bought it because I had to own it. I rarely watch movies, so I rarely buy them. Today was a very unusual day for me.

People can say whatever they want, this movie is totally my sort of movie! Why? Because I was the kid in the woods imagining a world different than the one that I was living in. My siblings are very logical people, and where we lived, they were pretty much all I had to play with when I was growing up. Neither of them read, and if they have imaginations, they grew out of them quickly. My sister would look at a tree and want to climb it, I would look at the same tree and see a castle where lords and ladies rule. It was probably related to my childhood reading, I loved The Chronicles of Narnia, so I was always looking for my wardrobe. I would turn writing assignments at school into elaborate stories. That was just the life that I lived.

I have not really grew out of it, to be honest. Even though my logical mind has told me that there will be no wardrobe, or that there is no bridge that will take me to magical Terabithia, my imagination still believes that anything is possible. I test my imagination, it is rather sad I have to admit, but what I do is look at the clouds and make sure I can still make pictures. Then I know that I can still dream. I read a book and I feel like I am there. It is why I love fantasy and fairy tales, because I might not be in the woods imagining castles out of hills, but I can read about imaginary places and dream about something different. Regular life is okay too, but that does not mean that growing up means you have to stop dreaming.

So, yeah, my kind of movie. My posts have been of a strange nature lately. I think I need to pick up a copy of this book. And now I want to reread The Chronicles of Narnia... (I am very impatiently waiting for the next movie... is it May yet.... )

Oh, another review on Twisted Kingdom. You can read it by clicking here. (Even if you are not a regular TK reader, I posted a funny quote that is worth it.)


  1. I haven't seen the movie but have read the book, and loved it!

    Just and an FYI.. you may go someday to a convention alone (though yes, it is more fun with a good friend).. but you don't stay alone for long! All you do is ask a question to anyone (like: who are you here to see?) and before you know it you are in conversations with more than one!

  2. Yes, it is on the list to go to conventions. Hopefully once I pay off the evil student loans I will be able to travel. it would be awesome if I could go to a convention a year...

  3. Don't ever grow out of that dreaming. No matter what anyone says to you, it isn't childish, or wrong. The world needs dreamers.

  4. I loved this movie too! It came out in the UK a few months ago and I went to see it by myself. It sounds funny but I knew from the way the opening credits were done that I was going to love it. I will definately be buying it when it is released on dvd.

  5. I plan on watching the movie after I read the book later this year. I really look forward to both.

    And I agree with Heather.

  6. Heather: Too bad dreaming doesn't pay the bills. *sigh*

    Rhinoa: Not funny at all, I knew pretty quick I was going to like it too! I never made it to the bookstore today but I plan to buy it.

    Nymeth: I had planned to read the book first but I never got there.

  7. Actually... it CAN pay the bills. I hope you don't mind the self-link, but I recently reviewed a book on careers for creative and unconventional people. If you're despairing of making that creativity work FOR you, then it's a good source to check out.

  8. "it is rather sad I have to admit"

    Actually that is far from being sad. It is wonderful to maintain that connection with one's youthful imaginative, awe-struck self. Dreaming, wondering, etc. is all part of what makes life magical and wonderful. It adds another layer of enjoyment to reading, watching films, etc.

    Bridge to Terabithia was a terrific movie. It is sad that it was so misrepresented with the trailers as that caused the film to take in less revenue than it would have. I bought it as soon as it came out as it is wonderful...and has Zooey Deschanel in it which makes it beyond wonderful!

  9. Heather: I don't mind that link at all. I think I will order that book next time I am book shopping.

    carl v.: The previews did not do that movie justice at all! I will remain young at heart, no worries folks. :)


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