Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Wedding

Yesterday was my friend Heidi's wedding. It was hard to believe that the day had come and gone so fast, but she is now married and embarking on a new chapter of her life. The wedding was very nice and very simplistic. It took place on the beach, and although it was supposed to rain yesterday, they were very lucky and had very nice weather. She walked down the aisle to music from Star Wars, which I thought was rather interesting as a wedding song. It wasn't the main theme, I honestly knew it but I could not place where it appeared in the movies because it has been a while since I have seen the old ones. It was really weird because I have been planning to watch the original Star Wars movies lately, now I will likely do so sooner rather than later so I can place the song.

Anyways, Heidi did not change her name. She legally goes by her mother's maiden name, and she decided that she was going to keep it. So, the baby has a hyphonated last name. My date ended up being ill, so I dragged my mother along with me because she knows Heidi, of course, because me and her have been friends for a few years. My mother said it was the first time she had been to a wedding where the woman didn't change her last name. It wasn't a totally traditional wedding, anyways, they made some alterations. They each said a few lines to each other. The guys, I thought, were not great. It was like he came up with them then and there, and he mostly just repeated himself. I could not really hear Heidi, so I am not even totally sure what she said.

So, overall, a very nice wedding. Too many bugs, but you can't control everything!


  1. Star Wars music, eh? That is great!!!

  2. Cool, non-traditional weddings are the best. When we got married I thought long and hard about the name thing. I pursuaded my husband we should both double barrel our surnames. My logic was if we have kids in the future and both kept our previous surnames we would argue over what surname they would have. It's nice to share a name yet still retain me from before if that makes sense. Getting married ona beach sounds so romantic.

  3. Sorry to post this here, Kailana, but would you happen to have a link about the sci-fi challenge in January that you mentioned? Even if it's informal talk about it?

    I looked on Carl's site and couldn't find it.



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