Monday, September 03, 2007

Sandy News

Sandy just ate ALL of her supper! I didn't give her any dry, just canned and she ATE! Maybe she has recently developed hatred of the food I have been feeding her?

On the negative side, she almost fell down the stairs today.

It is scary how bad she got fast! A month ago she was running around like she was a puppy, today she could hardly make it down a flight of stairs.

So, the prognosis? Back to the vet. I am not taking her to the same one, though.

Hopefully we can get her on some pills to help her move around a bit more, but after days of gagging and nothing coming up, she got sick twice the other day. I know I am not a vet, but I just feel unsettled about everything, I think a second opinion from the vet Tom uses will make me feel a lot better.

Sorry again about the negativeness about my posts, but it is hard to think of much else when my dog is sick. I can't even read, instead I follow her around and make sure she is okay. I spent Sunday afternoon following her around the yard and examining what she was leaving on the lawn. The vet did say to worry if she is only peeing and nothing else. Happily, she is still doing her business! (You should see her, though, she looks at me like I am a crazy person. lol I suppose that is what happens when she used to be able to just go and now she has a person waiting around to examine. I am not sooo bad, though, I don't watch, just wait.)


  1. I've got an old dog myself (well she's actually my uncle-in-laws' dog but I'm one of the only people she'll let near her). She's an old hound that's getting treatment for heartworms and she roams the property so sometimes I don't see her for a day or two. I try to keep something in her bowl so I always know she's okay.

    Hope your's is better soon.

  2. Hey, healing thoughts and pats to you and Sandy and I hope she is better soon. I know it's such a worry. I tagged you before I read your posts so if you don't fancy it then please don't worry but if you do...

    You have been tagged. Follow Me!

  3. Glad to hear Sandy is eating again. Hopefully your new vet will give you some good news!

  4. our animals are like our kids.. we can't turn off the worry.

    I hope she does better and the vet can help her!


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