Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Contest Needs Participants....

Okay, I am sad! This contest was supposed to finish today.... I have TWO entries! That's right, only TWO. So, where is everyone? It has a cool prize, a prize I would not mind winning, but I am hosting the contest, so I can only pester my readers to participate. I am not looking for anything award-winning, just a few more participants. I am going to extend the contest until December 1st. So, please join in!

Running Dates:
October 25th-December 1st, 2007

The Name of the Game is Fan Fiction, Art, or Photography

The Details: The object is to write fan fiction, draw a picture, or take a photograph relating to Colleen's two in print novels and her forth-coming one.

The idea is to rewrite a scene that you did not like, add a scene that you wish had been there, or write a scene that you wish will be included in The Bleeding Dusk. And, those are just three ideas, as long as you keep the three novels in mind, you can come up with your own ideas. If you are not up to writing, you can also do something photography or drawing related. The only thing I will be strict about is effort. I am not expecting perfection, and I won't give you word limits or anything like that, but I just want the work to clearly show that you have taken a bit of time for the activity. Any questions, just ask in the comments.

The Prize: A $25 dollar gift certificate to Amazon and a signed copy of The Bleeding Dusk. It will not be an Advanced Reading Copy, it will be an early copy in about January. And, Colleen is also throwing in a Vis Bulla t-shirt. I have one of the other styles, I might have to get one of the new ones now... They are very decently priced!

I hope that people join in! I plan to post all the submissions on my blog, not just the winner. Please don't post your entry in the comments, email it to me at twisted_kingdom_blog AT hotmail DOT com. The most important thing is to have fun and be creative!


  1. Sorry, K. I haven't read it yet, though it's on my 'must get' list.

  2. I'd participate if it weren't for the fact that I've yet to read any Colleen Gleason. Shame on me, I know. Perhaps if I finally get my hands on "Rises the Night" before the end of the month..

  3. I'd participate if I had read any of her books. It's not personal though :)

  4. I've still only read the first one! :(

  5. Are you planning on extending this at all? I certainly wouldn't mind doing what I can on my site to promote this contest for you. Do you want to extend it a bit? Shoot me an email:


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