Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nightly Rambling

I had a weird day. It was actually a good day, and that is why it is weird. I worked ALL day! You would think I would have had a bad day and wished I was somewhere else, but I actually like working. I am one of those weird people like that! The girl I was working with DRIVES me crazy! She spends most of the shift on the phone and checking her email. If I work at night, I wander around and talk to people (I work at a hotel), but during the day that luxury is not there. So, the house-keeping staff was short-handed today and I decided that I was going to help them out. It made my shift go by super fast, and I still managed to be around to fix all the other person I was working with mistakes and baby-sit her. Honestly, when I think about everything I did at work today just in my first four hours, I have no idea how I managed it. It made the day fly by though, and since I am still relatively new, I think it was a very good way to get to know the house-keeping staff. They must have said thank you a hundred times. It made my day enjoyable because I was able to help them out and make their day less stressful. I'd like to think they got ten times more work done than they would have if I was not there helping.

And that is my random post of the day. Join in the calendar and my contest.... That's about all I have to say.


  1. Being busy definitely makes time at work fly by. I like to keep busy at work--not just for that reason, but also because I feel more productive and useful.

    I am glad you had a good day!

  2. I certainly agree with you. Although I loathe stressful days, I love it when I feel busy all day at work and feel that I've really accomplished something. Even that period a few weeks ago when I spent two nights in a row at work until very, very late trying to get ready for our accreditation, it felt very fulfilling at the end of the day to know I had worked that hard.


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