Monday, December 03, 2007

Blogger Advent Calendar Day 3

For todays Advent Calendar, we have Christmas in Australia, brought to you by Marg. We also have a post from Lady Tink, which will up at some point today on this blog.

Also, Marg's link on my list of blog participants is wrong! So, I apologize for that. I only noticed last night before bed! I will go back through all the previous posts and fix it later. Sorry for the confusion, but I have to head to work now, otherwise I would fix it now.

Late sign ups are welcome!

4 December - Valentina (Valentina's Room)
5 December - Melissa (Book Nut)
6 December - Laura (Musings)
7 December - Wendy (Caribousmom)
8 December - Nymeth (Things Mean A Lot)
9 December - Raidergirl (An Adventure in Reading), Chris (Stuff as Dreams are Made on)
10 December - Dewey (The Hidden Side of a Leaf)
11 December -Suey (It's All About Books)
12 December - Chris (Book-a-rama)
13 December - Jill (The Well-Read Child)
14 December - Robin (A Fondness for Reading)
15 December - Alyssa (By The Book)
16 December - Rachel (A Fair Substitute for Heaven)
17 December - Literary Feline (Musings of a Bookish Kitty)
18 December - Dev (Good Reads)
19 December - Callista (S.M.S. Book Reviews)
20 December - Tiny Little Librarian (Tiny Little Librarian)
21 December - Carla (Carla Nayland Historical Fiction)
22 December - Carolyn Jean (The Trillionth Page)
23 December - Booklogged (A Reader's Journal)
24 December - Kailana (The Written World) / Carl V. (Stainless Steel Droppings)


  1. Stephanie9:48 AM

    I know that I am late in the game, and that all the spots are currently taken, but I was wondering if you would could squeeze me in on the advent calendar. I have a good post in my head about children's christmas books that I think would be a nice addition. If you have already closed participation, I completely understand - I just figured I would ask!

  2. Not a problem Stephanie! How about the 15th so you have a bit of time to think it out and you are not rushed? If it doesn't work for you, just let me know!

  3. Kailana, I am LOVING this blog advent calendar! What a fantastic idea. I can feel one forming over at my blog for next year - hope you don't mind.

  4. Stephanie12:09 PM

    Thanks so much for including me, although could I do the 13th instead (I have two holiday parties to go to on the 15th, both of which I have to prepare food for, so I am sure I will be pretty busy on the 14th and 15th)! If that is ok, just add me to your list!

  5. Okay, I will change it when I get home from work!

  6. Sorry it took so long this morning! It's up now

  7. Julia, there's still time to join in this year!

  8. Me too!! I want in!!

  9. Any particular day Stephanie?

  10. How about the 15th and move the other Stephanie to the 13th?

  11. I just found this and I'm slowly getting caught up. Nice place you have, here!

  12. hi!just noticed a tiny mistake on The last link, to the written world: try and click on it! weird!

  13. Thanks Valentina, I forgot an 's'


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