Friday, December 07, 2007

Lack of Sleep

Sometimes I wonder about myself. I went to my hometown today because my grandmother and father still live there, so I thought it would be good to get down there before the holidays and the snow hit. Well, I worked last night from 12-8, and yet here I am at 10 at night STILL awake. I surprise even myself sometimes. I woke up at 1 Thursday afternoon, it is now Friday evening. I had planned to come home after work today and sleep, but I figured it would just make me more tired, so we left right after I got home instead. This is my way of saying that it will be tomorrow before I get caught up on the Advent Calendar posts!


  1. I imagine you will want to get to bed soon! Haha

  2. You sound like me. I'm terrible about getting enough sleep. And I know things are really going to be weird when I start working 3rd shift for the Red Cross. I like the idea of working at night....and being able to take the kids to school....sleep while they are there and then pick them up and having the evening with them. But I know I'll never get enough sleep!!


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