Monday, March 24, 2008

Just Checking In

So, I have been reading, but I am not really in a reviewing mood. I might come back later tonight and post a review for my second Once Upon a Time Challenge book, though. Yes, you read that right, the second one! I just have a bit left and I will be done, so I am happy. I decided to read The Golden Rose by Kathleen Bryan. It is the sequel to my first book for the challenge. I am enjoying it. The second book in a trilogy is always a risky under-taking, but this one is pretty good. Provided nothing drastic happens I will be reading book three when it comes out. That means I have to wait, though, which is the worst thing about a trilogy. I do recommend it, though.

Tomorrow I am going to my hometown for three days. One of my friends is home from out west, so I want to be able to see her. I also have other friends down there and family, so it will be nice to see some people. I either have one of two things happen when I am there, either I am bored out of my mind because it is a really small town and there is not a lot happening or I have too many things planned and never accomplish everything. What I wish is that I had a book on CD to listen to on the drive down, but I don't. So, if I vanish off the blogosphere, that would be why. Not that I have really been posting lately anyways, but I have been doing a bit better and I have been making an effort to comment on peoples' posts. Hopefully it is noticed...

Anyways, I just mostly wanted to say I am alive. I might be back later with a book review, but if not, have a good week folks!

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  1. It's too bad that the second book in a trilogy is so often a 'slump' book, eh? It makes me wonder why trilogies are so expected, and why we don't see more two-book series instead. I tend to be surprised when the second book in a trilogy is just as good as the first, particularly if they aren't stand-alone books.


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