Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random Ramblings From a Silent Blogger

It is the craziest thing, this weather. On Thursday me and one of my friends went to Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia. Anyways, it was nearing the end of the night and I was in the car and it dawned on me that I got sun! I was still considering it winter because we had snow not that long ago, and here I was with a bit of a burn on my face. My friend you could tell where they had been wearing their sunglasses. I don't usually have this problem, so I honestly am left thinking that the sun is stronger this year. I will be obsessed with sunscreen for the rest of the year. I totally learned my lesson! I also couldn't find my sunglasses prior to our spur of the moment roadtrip, so that was annoying. I wear glasses and I have this very nice pair of prescription sunglasses, but I searched high and low for them yesterday with no success. I am very disappointed! In the meantime I have been wearing non-prescription sunglasses over my other glasses. It must look so cool, but really, it is the cheapest method! So, the only thing I really had going for me was a baseball hat, but that is pretty much permanently glued to my head when I am not working. I didn't take pictures because it was not really a planned trip and I didn't have my camera. I am going to start carrying my camera around with me everywhere.

So, reading-wise... still not really reading. I mean, is anyone really surprised anymore? This has been a theme since last year sometime. I do have books on the go, but I am starting to wonder what to blog about since I never really have book reviews. Are my ramblings at all interesting to fill in space until I have finished a few books? I have no idea, I tend to ramble anyways. Right now I am reading The Horseman's Grave for the Themed Reading Challenge. It is a Canadian book. I actually quite like it, so hopefully I will have a review up for it soon! There is also a short story collection related to it that is in my collection somewhere. If it makes me feel any better, I have hardly bought books lately because I haven't been reading! So, while the pile is not shrinking at a great pace, it is also not increasing either.

That being said, I bought books yesterday. They are part of the Extraordinary Canadians series put out by Penguin Canada. I have read the one on Nellie McClung, you can read my review of it here, so I am like a HUGE fangirl about this series right now. Yesterday I bought the two that were out already on Emily Carr and Lord Beaverbrook, as well as preordered the ones that will be out in the fall on Mordecai Richler, Big Bear, and Lester B. Pearson. I am so excited that I wrote a big post on it for Historical Tapestry. I will post a link when it is up. One thing I have to point out about the Extraordinary Canadians series is that it is famous Canadians of the present writing books on Famous Canadians of the past with covers by famous artists of the modern period. It is really a very cool idea, and since I am a Canadian history nerd, you can just laugh at me while I jump up and down like a little kid. Yes, I am that excited about history books! My friend laughed at me yesterday, so, really, I am used to the looks!

In music news, I am listening to Panic! At the Disco. I have heard some of their music, but my friend had their CD in the car yesterday and we were listening to it. You know that I just had to investigate further when I got home. I think they are pretty good. Not my favourite band ever, by any means, but I am listening to their new CD right now and am quite enjoying it. I have the most diverse music interest, it is really rather interesting for me to flip through my CDs and see all the random CDs I have grouped together. I used to say I only did not like country, but now that Bon Jovi is considered country and I am still a Bon Jovi fangirl (shh), I guess I even like country now. I just hate country because I live in a town where everything is country music and it gets shoved down your throat! I am more of a rocker girl, I think.

Back on the book related topic, and how I keep talking about my various fangirl obsessions, JAMES ROLLINS HAS A NEW BOOK OUT IN JUNE! I love James Rollins, so you know I am very excited about his new book. I imagine after I finish the book I am reading, me and James Rollins will be spending some time together. I have The Judas Strain to read. I read his slowly, I know what you are thinking. As much as I love his Sigma books, though, I do wish he would write a couple more standalone books. They really are his best work. Either that or bring back more characters from the old books in the new ones. He has already done it a bit for Sigma, so I would love to see what some of the old characters were up to... Anyways, I love James Rollins. I long ago tried to figure out why, I just get excited for new books from him and that is all I am saying on the subject.

Okay, there are my rambles for the day...

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  1. Harper Collins Canada recently sent me 5 books to review and The Horseman's Grave is one of them. I look forward to reading it soon and see your review for it.


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