Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Long-Winded Ramble

With the 1% challenge circulating around the blogosphere, I thought I would count and see just how many of the 1001 books I am supposed to read before I die I have actually read. The number came out to be 52. Not spectacular, but I own probably another fifty of the books from the list. I just haven't read them... Frankly, there were a lot of books on that list I have never even heard of before, so I am rather skeptical about them being something I really need to read. I toyed with the idea of joining this challenge, but I am sort of sticking to very few challenges this year because my reading numbers are down so much. I am just enjoying reading for fun. I am not even keeping track (which I may end up regretting) because if it is really low it will just make me sad! I have just dedicated 2008 as a fun reading year. I have been reading over a hundred books a year for years, some years reaching 200, so I think I need a relaxing year. I am just trying to keep this blog going because I don't want everyone to stop reading it... I might change my mind on the reading challenge. I own the book, not surprising, so I am going to go through it tonight and see if I want to join in afterall.

So, how is everyone making out? I am behind on my blog reading again, not surprising, so I am also playing catch-up and never really getting much chance to comment and respond like I used to. I am not allowed on the internet at work anymore, so that sort of is why I am not around anymore. I am reading another Neil Peart book right now, but I think I want to add another book into the mix so I do not get sick of him. I just have not decided on what that book will be yet. I have SO many books! It is pretty crazy, I have to say. I thin them out and I have hardly bought books all year, and yet, the shelves are still full! It gets over-whelming sometimes trying to decide what to read next. I have lots of books that I am really excited about, but with my reading habits lately I am sort of holding on to them until I can really get into them...

My friend couldn't believe how long it took me to read the Neil Peart book I reviewed yesterday, but I just get busy and don't have time to read! I mean, I sat down with the new one yesterday, but then I had to go somewhere, so I paused. Then, I come home and plan to read the rest of the night and then my friend called, and then another friend called, and then I was tired and I went to sleep. That means I am not even 100 pages into it yet. But, you know, not really complaining. I feel like I should because reading has always been such a large part of who I am, but at the same time, I am enjoying what I am doing (for the most part) when I am not reading. Weird how that is.

In any case, I am just rambling here, huh? I think I will end this for now. What I REALLY need to do is sit down and update this stupid blog. My header vanished for some reason and I still have not actually replaced it. It has been a while too... And let's not even talk about my profile... Anyways, hi to everyone! I will try and catch up on my blog reading in this century, but no promises. haha


  1. I was wondering about the header.

    I think your goal of 2008 being reading for fun should always be your and every readers goal. Challenge participation, etc. should always be just about fun. That is why I always put the one book option in my challenges. I want folks to have fun, no pressure reading. There is enough pressure elsewhere.

    I'm glad you're still hanging in here eventhough you cannot post as often. Sorry work is getting in the way of your blogging! Damn work! :) It always manages to interfere with life somehow!

  2. Anonymous11:02 AM

    ah... i enjoyed listening to you rambling...!

    i strongly second carl! especially since i can very much relate to your compulsion to want to read a lot and to want to read x-amount of books per year or in your life-time or whatever.

    'cause i think in the same way too.

    but in the end those are nice thoughts as goals, as motivation, but quite suffocating when one feels too bound by them.


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