Monday, July 21, 2008

To Whom it May Concern....

Please allow me to actually have time to see the new X-Files movie. I never did see Indiana Jones and finding time to see the new Batman movie is not looking so good either, but I have been waiting for the new X-files movie for years and it is finally coming out this week! And, I found someone that will actually go with me, which is a rarity when it comes to me and my sci-fi fascination. It doesn't help that my town never keeps the movies long enough that I want to see! And, I still haven't seen the old Hellboy, so seeing the new one is another thing that doesn't look very promising! Frankly, me and my friends need coordinating schedules (I find it a waste of money to go to the movies by myself) and I need more hours in the day (my work schedule lately has just plain sucked and it is not getting any better)!

This has been my complaining for the time being. Back to respectable posts tomorrow, or whenever I post next. In the meantime, I am of course going to see Mama Mia on Tuesday. Finding people to go to movies like that is easy. It's sci-fi and action-stuff I have a hard time with because only a select number of my friends share my interest and like I said, I find going to the movies by myself a waste of money. I would rather buy a book...


  1. Well....I saw Batman and thought it was great!! My little girls want to see Mama Mia. I think it's just because it's a musical!! Though I have a secret love of ABBA music! Shhhhhh...I'd hate for that to get out!!

    I'm with you on the X-Files. I can't wait!

  2. Yeah, I have someone to see Batman and X-Files with if we can find a time where we both can go. Fingers crossed! They didn't really want to see Mama Mia, but if I couldn't find anyone else to go with me that would've seen that one too. I am just hoping for some to go! I would really rather see Batman in theatres than rent it later.

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing Mulder & Scully back together again :)

    Can't wait to see Dark Knight either. But I'll be honest - I HATED the Indiana Jones movie. Worst 2 hours I've spent in recent memory. Ugh.

  4. If I could magically give you the time to see the movie with your friend, I would!

    I'm not going to see Dark Knight, myself. I just can't bear the thought of seeing Heath Ledger in that role, great or not. I like when I can see his pretty hair.

  5. I'll cross my fingers for you! I personally don't mind going to movies myself if that is my only option to see them on the big screen.

    Bookfool...see the movie, it really is worth seeing.

  6. Oh, Carl, stop it! LOL Okay, I'll at least consider. :)

  7. The person I was supposed to go see The X-Files movie almost forgot and went to see it with someone else. I guess I am scary because they went and saw something else. I am hoping to sneak in a viewing this week, but not sure how that will work out.

    And, actually, I don't think I am going to see The Dark Knight in theatres. My friend was telling me about and they reminded me about what annoyed me about Batman Begins. I think it will be a rental!

  8. This is where netflix comes in real handy, if you have access to it. A lot of times if there are movies I want to see but know I won't have time for, I just add them to my netflix queue.

    If you like ABBA and crazy musicals, you'll like Mama Mia. It's no work of art, but it was fun.

  9. Kim: Yeah, I don't think Netflix is very worth it where I live in Canada. I think I looked into it at some point, but I am not totally sure on that... And, I still haven't seen Mama Mia. I have a rescheduled plan to try on Wednesday. Hopefully it will work out!


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