Monday, July 28, 2008

A Weekend in Cape Breton

Well, I am back from Cape Breton. It was a LONG weekend! I almost need a vacation from my vacation! But, my aunt is married now and I have a new uncle, something that I didn't think would ever happen! My fathers siblings are all married (well, one is divorced now) and my mothers' brother does not show any signs of changing his status as a bachelor, so I am happy that I actually got to go to someones wedding! Hazel, the bride, is closer to age with me than with my mother, so it is a bit different. I always wished we were closer, but her wedding was the first time I have seen her in 8 years. So, this weekend was a bit of a whirlwind. I was in Cape Breton twice in less than twelve months, something that rarely happens, I met a lot of new people, and I got to spend some quality time with my grandfather and other members of my family. This is also only the second time I have ever seen the groom, so we do not know each other at all! We spent some time chatting, though. Actually, me and him were members of the potato peeling club Friday night. Yes, you read that right, I spent Friday night peeling potatoes.

So, I didn't make it to Louisbourg, but I had actually a pretty good time. I hardly see my grandfather, he has never been close to my family, so it was nice to spend some time with him. We danced at the wedding to a Cape Breton Traditional song, and it was actually pretty nice. I will probably cherish that memory always! I just wish someone had taken a picture, but my mother was so surprised I was dancing she never even thought about it! My fathers' parents are dead, so this grandfather is the only one I have left. I have three grandmothers, though. (My mothers' mother, my great-grandmother, and my step-grandmother who is the mother of the bride from the weekend). My grandfather, to be frank, looks terrible so I decided I better spend as much time with him as I can because he might not be around for another visit. Just the change since last summer is shocking. He is 75, though, and this wedding was really hard on him! It says a lot about not waiting until you are in your forties to have children...

Anyway, some pictures:

The Bride and Groom
My Grandfather and Mother
My Mother and Her Sister
My Step-Grandmother and My Mother
My Step-Grandmother, My Grandfather, and Me (and I look terrible, but whatever...)


  1. Weddings are either a hassle or really fun, and sometimes if you're lucky, they're both. Glad this one was more fun. You've got some nice pics!

  2. You sell yourself way too short! You look great in the pic! Truly!

  3. I think you look great!! Weddings can be fun, especially if you haven't seen people in a really long time. Glad you enjoyed it!!

    LOVE the new look!!

  4. Kim: It could've been a hassle, but I stayed away from any of the complicated stuff.

    Teddy: Thanks! I hate pictures of me, though. And, I am on a flat screen computer at work which makes me look even worse to myself! It's fitting I sell myself short because I am, well, short!

    Stephanie: Thanks! I like the new look too! And, well, people can tell me look great a million times and I still am going to avoid the camera...

  5. Glad you had a good time! And don't worry, Louisbourg will still be here when you come back ;)

  6. I only wanted to go because it was the 250th anniversary. I was there last year, so not much has changed since then!

  7. kailana: glad you had a good time! We all need those "family times" to remember...

    I am still adjusting to your new blog look.. i like it!

  8. You look great to me! The setting looks fabulous. We've had such a nasty drought that I find myself longing for blooming things.


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