Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Day in the Life of Me

Just some random conversations... They might be those type where you have to be there, though...

I still haven't thought of a witty name for the guy that tends to make his way into my blog lately... Let's think here... Okay, no, let's just go with 'him' for the moment.

Conversation Number 1:

Him: I am going to win the lotto this week. Then, I can pay off people's mortgages and, hey, even pay off your student loans.

Me: That would be helpful. (We continue walking a long).

Me: Maybe I will win the lotto instead.

Him: And do what with it?

Me: Buy all the books that I want but cannot afford...

Him: (Blank stare....)

Me: Well, then pay off my student loans and buy a new car, of course.

Conversation Number Two:

Me: The guy downstairs has a cat, did you know that?

Him: Yes, he mentioned something about that.

Me: Its name is Sandy. (not sure of sex...)

Him: Since he moved in I have seen several other cats around. Like last night when we came in, there was a cat under the trailer.

Me: Oh, yeah? I didn't even notice.

Him: Wait, were we drunk last night?

Me: You don't know if you were drunk last night? We drove an hour in the car, we hadn't touched anything alcoholic in hours. How can you not know if you were drunk or not?

Him: Well, I remember walking in from the car... In that case, it was a real cat and not an imaginary one.

Me: Do you regularly see imaginary cats when you are drunk?

Conversation Number Three:

While I am writing this, he called.

Him: I was watching the 'Weather Channel'. Hurricane Ike, it is right over [somewhere in Cuba]. I guess it is raining turkeys and cows down there. Cats and dogs were not enough.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Him: And elephants. It is raining elephants down there.

Me: [Confused laughter]

Him: Well, I guess they don't really have elephants down there.

Me: Not last I checked.

Him: Well, the hurricane brought elephants with it from Africa, then.

Me: [thinking] Where the hell does he come up with this stuff?

While I am thinking this:

Him: I bought cookies and I shouldn't have bought cookies.

Me: [Trying to understand what cookies have to do with it raining elephants in Cuba] Why?

And the conversation goes on from there.... I have such a hard time keeping up! Believe it or not, this is very typical... I am usually pretty swift and can change from subject to subject, but in the meantime my brain is trying to figure out the connection between things.

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  1. Do you know my brother? ;) Sounds like the stuff he says.


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