Sunday, September 14, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Yeah, I died again! But, here I am! I am behind on reviews, but no big surprise there. And, of course I am not actually going to write one tonight. That would be too logical! So, how is everyone making out? There is a lot going on in the blogosphere, so I have to make an effort to pay attention this week, wouldn't you think?

I am pretty amazed, my DH is actually reading! That just amazes me because I keep reading books that he himself wants to read, but he never actually reads them! He doesn't have enough time and he doesn't have enough interest to make reading a priority, so he just tells me he will read them one day. Anyway, we were at the bookstore the other night and he picked up a book. It was Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums of all Time. He considered buying it! I was shocked! So, I went home and bought it online... It was a perfect idea when I think about it because we are both reading it. I am about a hundred pages into it, he is just reading it sporadically and out of order, but we keep pausing to show each other something that we find interesting. Music is something we have in common and we have similar taste, so we are also arguing the order that they put the CDs. We don't always agree, but that's the fun of it, I suppose. He is more into music than I am, so he also sings parts of songs when I am totally clueless as to who certain artists are. Anyway, it might not be world-class literature, but it's a start, right?

As to the book, I think I am up to about number 83. The Beatles are probably the band that have been showcased the most. That does not really surprise me! Three of their albums are in the top ten alone. Bob Dylan has been in the list a bunch so far, too. As he is a Traveling Wilbury and I love that band, I am very happy he is so popular. Even if I am not a big fan of him. There were a few surprises... Pink Floyd is not in the list as much as I expected they would be. Some random rap album is placed very early into the list. He knew who they were, I had no idea. Neither of us really thought they deserved the spot, though. I am learning a lot of random stuff. One thing that is maybe a little interesting is that John Lennon's solo stuff is being showcased more than any of the other Beatles solo stuff. It is such a shame he died so young! Actually, I was commenting while I was reading about how many of the top 100 (well, 83) had singers that died young... Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, the first lead singer to ACDC, whoever the lead singer to the Doors is (I am blanking! That's terrible!), etc. Just imagine what they could've been capable if they had lived longer.... They already accomplished so much in the short time that they had!

So, that was part of my weekend. Sitting around comparing notes about a book. Exciting, huh? Hopefully there are more books of that nature that interest him so we can do more of it... I will have this book finished soon! I probably should read slower, but he will be at it for a while, so he can tell me things and I will have already read about it, so it works, too. I never date readers, for whatever reason, so when they actually read it is always a big thing! He listens to me ramble about books all the time. I didn't think I did it a lot, but he tells me otherwise, so I think that is a good thing that he can listen to me go on all the time, right?

And, I still haven't thought of a good name to use on here...

If you have managed to read through my rambles and get to the end of this post, let me remind you that it is Michelle Moran Week at Historical Tapestry! The first post is up now, so be sure to head over there and participate! Don't forget about the give-away!


  1. That book sounds like something I'd enjoy. And yes, it's definitely a start!

  2. I am enjoying it. I read a bit more tonight. :) Your boyfriend reads, but still, if you both have an interest in music it is something you can read together! I should've got the hardcover copy, but I didn't notice until it was here that I didn't. Oh, well, it was still worth the price.


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