Thursday, September 25, 2008

Well, It Happened...

I have been posting about the charming comedian on here for months with no worries! He only read my blog when I showed him something because he did not have a computer of his own. He does now... So, I wanted to show him something on there last night and he ended up reading my blog for a while, with me trying to remember what I had said on here. I think he actually found most of what he read funny, he was shocked that I couldn't remember that Jim Morrison was the lead singer of The Doors, etc... And, today, he was still commenting on random things I had said. You would think that I would be wanting to be more careful what I say on here because he can read it, but frankly, I don't say anything on here I wouldn't say to his face... He never did say what he thought of his nickname, though. He just said that as long as no one knows who he actually is, I can say whatever I want!

I know I have been quiet the last couple days. I have been really busy! I am still reading The Terror. It is not a book that is quick to read... And I have been too busy to pick it up lately. Anyway, I will be back tomorrow with a decent post. For right now, I am going to read...

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