Friday, November 28, 2008

Book Organizing

So, I decided tonight to begin to organize my bookshelves. I like to do this a few times a year. Since the last time I organized was a book-purging organizing, this time I am just moving books around. When a book enters the house for the first time, it normally goes in a pile until I have a chance to find a place for it on the shelf. While I was a very good person and hardly bought any books this year, I also hardly read any books this year. This means that my unread book pile did not really get any smaller. November was a really good reading month, though, so if I can make December about the same... I might be able to get all the unread books on the shelves... Currently, I have several piles that will not fit!

As to the read books... I have to be in the right mood to organize them because it is a huge undertaking because part of the shelving for that is a window ledge that runs along two walls. The easiest thing is to get rid of books, but, like I said, last book-organizing was the purging one. I am told I have issues. ha ha. As it is, my books are really organized. I came up with a new system for unread pocket paperbacks when I did my last organization and I HATE it, so I am currently staring at the books trying to decide what to do different.

In the meantime, I grabbed a book and read bits and pieces of it on my 'breaks', so now it is finished... I will review it after I figure out what I am going to do with all of these books!

In short, I have too many books... And, I need to read more.


  1. OH, don't I know the feeling. My TBR shelf is goal was to empty it this year, but now it's overflowing and piles are now sitting on the floor :( So sad...

  2. I managed to get everything on the shelf! Yay! That was my justification for not purging... If I had actually read this year, I would have really cleaned off the TBR pile, but I hardly read and it just kept piling up!


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