Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Meme and Maybe a Few Other Things...

Stephanie tagged me for the Seven Random Bookish Things About Me Meme.

The Rules Are:

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1. When I was younger I would never admit that I read. I was smart in school and I got good grades, but for years I didn't want people to think I was a nerd. I hate fitting into labels, so I always tried to hide who I really was...

2. I have yet to date a reader. But, I do date guys (like the charming comedian) who humour me. They will listen to me ramble on and on about the books I am reading. Instead of trying to push reading on C.C., though, I have started working books that have topics that interest him into rotation. It was him that inspired me to read Neil Peart's memoirs, for example, so then I could ramble on about them with him. Most of my real life friends don't read either... Such is life, I guess.

3. If I really like a book and it is late at night, I will stay up all night reading it. Many a time I have called, for example, the Charming Comedian at like 5 in the morning to say that I was just finishing up the last few pages of my book.... This will be in response to his "What the hell are you still doing up?" question. I can only do this when he works backshift, of course.

4. I don't do romance. I don't think this is something people don't know, but still. I can't handle romance novels. Even romance in other books has to be handled in such a way or it will drive me crazy. I have no idea why this is!

5. I can carry on a conversation and read at the same time. It is what came from practice. If the book gets really interesting, though, I have been known to tune out of the conversation. When people like the charming comedian talk, though, I have to put my book down because they are so random I have no idea what they are talking about if I don't follow along. Actually, he knows this and won't talk to me if I have a book in hand. He will start the story and then pause and wait for me to give him my undivided attention. I don't really mind, though, sometimes he is more interesting than the book! Don't tell him that, though. haha

6. I have too many books. The thought of moving my books from one house to another scares the crap out of me! It will take forever! I haven't counted in years, because I am scared of the numbers, but I am sure I have well over a thousand books...

7. I am a really moody reader. I start a book, and I may love it, but I might not necessarily read it then. The more frazzled my mind is, the less I read. The busier I am, actually, the less I read... I have a million books to read and sometimes I just can't find one that interests me... I am just moody, plain and simple! But yet, the Charming Comedian told me yesterday that I was a 'happy' person and he seemed quite serious when he said it, so maybe I am only moody to myself... (He said that after the last two weeks I have had. If I can still be cheery when my luck is running bad, that has to say something...)

I'm not tagging anyone. I have seen this post around a few times, so I think most people have done it already!

And, my god. When I went to work tonight it was raining out... Then, we had a CRAZY first snowfall of the winter. There were cars off the roads, some of the highways were closed, it was just INSANE! And, there is me getting off work wearing sneakers and a fall coat. I borrowed the person who worked after me jacket so I could find my car. It was a totally different world when I walked out of the doors after work than the one that I walked into. It was not that bad when I got off work, but the storm is still raging in some parts and there are still parts of the roads closed. This does not say good things for the winter we are going to have... I would have posted pictures but it was dark when I got off work. Oh, and this was eight hours... All that happened in eight hours. Just crazy! Good ole Canada!


  1. Haha I know what you mean! All of a sudden it started to look like a blizzard today.

    From what you've described it sounds exactly like where I live.

  2. Yeah, it is still a mess out. There are still cars off the road and highways backed up. It was a crazy night!

  3. I was surprised to hear on the radio that you guys had such a mess. It rained here all day and stopped last night. Everything is just wet, wet, wet.

  4. We are getting snow flurries....does that count?? I loved your answers! Even though you are a year ahead of me!

  5. About #5: I wish I could do that! I must start practising :P


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