Sunday, December 14, 2008

Charles Dickens

For Christmas, I received eight of Charles Dickens' novels in six hardcover books. (Yes, I got them early...) Because it has been so long since I read some of them, I am making myself the challenge to read as many of them as I can in the next year. It is time that I spent some time on Dickens, and then once I have read the eight that I own, there are a few others that I have never read at all that I really should invest in.

1. A Christmas Carol (Review forth-coming)
2. The Chimes (Review forth-coming)
3. The Cricket on the Hearth (Review forth-coming)
4. Great Expectations
5. David Copperfield
6. Oliver Twist
7. A Tale of Two Cities
8. Hard Times


  1. I'm supposed to be reading A Christmas carol this month but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Great Expectations is the only book by him that I have read.

  2. Great Expectations is the next one I am going to reread. A Christmas Carol is really short. You could probably read it in an afternoon

  3. I've read all of those as well except the last two Christmas ones. Maybe I'll try and squeezr them in this Christmas. I just love Dickens but read him mostly when I was a teenager. I'd love to re-read him also, but don't think I could commit to so many in a year. I had planned on reading Little Dorrit for the first time in 2008 and never got around to it.

    Christmas Carol, I've read numerous times. Great Expectations, I've read three times, well one of those times was read to me by my Grade 8 teacher. A Tale of Two Cities I read a couple years ago and hated but I have a thing for anything French Revolution.

    The others on your list have been a long time since I read and mostly I remember the story lines from watching BBC/PBS/A&E series. Definitely time to re-read and I must get to Bleak House one of these days.

  4. I guess I should have said "a thing against anything French Revolution" related. Can't stand the subject.

  5. I probably won't read all of them, but those are just the ones that I own at the moment. I have never read Bleak House or A Mutual Friend. Probably a few of the other more obscure ones, either. I can't remember if I have read David Copperfield before or not. I am going with Great Expectations first, and then I will see where I go from there.

  6. wow, that's some undertaking. not sure I could do them all..but I have been toying with sending for a christmas carol and david copperfield.. maybe i'll send for them "next year" . I hope you are enjoying them!!

  7. I doubt I will read all of them. I will just see what happens as the year progresses!

  8. Wow, already read three of eight, Kelly! That's impressive. I have never really gotten into Dickens myself, but I really like the BBC/PBS adaptations ;-) I thought Bleak House was very good, anyway. I read A Tale of Two Cities in high school, and I think I should go back and read it again because unlike Nicola above, I LOVE the French Revolution...

  9. I will have to see what happens. :)

  10. Great Expectations is well, Great! I just finished reading it and am attempting to start David Copperfield! Dickens is a brilliant author!


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