Monday, December 01, 2008

The First Day of the Advent Calendar!

It is hard to believe it is the first already! There are a lot of people signed up for the Advent Calendar, so I think it is going to be a very great month!

The winner of the prize for this year's tour is....

Joanne from Lost in a Good Story!

As the Advent Calendar progresses, if you feel like you want to join in, you still can! Just leave either me or Marg a comment and we will gladly work you in! December 1st was just the deadline for the give-away.

Now, on with the calendar. Today's participants are: Alabama Bookworm, Joanne from Lost in a Good Story, and Susan from You Can Never Have Too Many Books.

The posts are all I up, I have already been over visiting, so be sure to stop by and leave them comments!


  1. I won a prize??? I've NEVER won a prize!! That's so cool!! :-)

  2. It can't be the first day!!! My oh my, what happened to '08?!?!

  3. I have no idea what happened to 2008. It flew right by!


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